This Ukrainian drone named “Demon” can carry guns, explosives, and other weapons

This Ukrainian drone named "Demon" can carry guns, explosives, and other weapons

Military drones are becoming more prevalent in the evolving age of warfare and they come in all shapes and sizes. UAV’s, like the FLIR Black Hornet, look like a toy helicopter while the Reaper MQ-9 can pass as full-sized, manned aircraft. Matrix UAV, a Ukrainian firm, has created the perfect drone of death called “Demon” that carries weaponized payloads capable of taking on various strike missions.

See the Demon in-action

The design of the drone looks incredibly simple. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think it would even fly when I first saw it. Yuriy Kasyanov, the founder of Matrix UAV and creator of the Demon, claims that his drone can be used to carry out kamikaze strikes rather than launch projectiles. With a 7kg explosive, the drone could fly a range of 12 miles while decreasing the explosive to 4kg could drastically increase the range to 56 miles. Take a look at the Demon taking off and taking a quick test flight in the video below:

In this video, the prototype drone is carrying an RPG-26 as its payload. With the recoil of a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, one would think it would throw off the balance of the drone. Kasyanov addressed this in a Facebook comment as he claims the Demon was able to maintain its balance. No video has been posted as proof, but one thing is for sure, Matrix UAV is working on a drone death machine,

With the capabilities of the Demon, there is a great chance the attack against the Venezuelan President will not be the last. Little is known about exactly how the Demon works like whether it’s powered by electric or gas and what the maximum speed is, but le’ts hope it stays that way so bad people don’t use this technology to aid them in committing crimes.

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Photo credit: Matrix UAV

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