Military Stories February 11

Indonesia is planning to start mass-producing its Black Eagle long-range surveillance and attack drones for military use by 2022. The news comes two years earlier than originally planned by President Joko Widodo. PT Dirgantara Indonesia, a state-owned company will be tasked with manufacturing the drones.

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Military Stories February 3

Within three weeks of Apple buying artificial intelligence (AI) company, the tech giant quickly ended the pre-existing military drone Pentagon contract to make sure that its tech would not be used in the controversial “Project Maven” military drone operation.

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Morocco’s military is said to have received three Heron surveillance drones last week after the French military decommissioned from their surveillance duties over the middle east. The drones were said to have cost around $48 million each when the French purchased them.

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Military Stories February 2

At the end of last year, DARPA’s Gremlin program completed the first test flight of its X-61A fixed-wing aerial vehicle, in the skies above Utah. The test was to demonstrate the feasibility of recovering ‘low-cost’ UAVs safely, reliably, and affordably.

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Military Stories January 30

Ukrainian company Meridian Corporation has developed a drone to fly alongside Ukrainian soldiers to provide situational awareness, surveillance, and reconnaissance while in the field. The drone took six months to develop and test.

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Military Stories November 15, 2018

American drones to strengthen Australian military

Even though China is trying to make headways into military drone market and touting lower prices to convince potential buyers, Australia just announced that it will buy American drones, namely the Reaper. The 12 to 16 unmanned warships are to be stationed in Papua New Guinea in response to regional security threats, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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