Military Stories May 23

It’s not quite Star Wars, but laser weapons are real. The US Navy just demonstrated that capability when it downed a drone in tests of a new ship-mounted laser in the Pacific Ocean. expand full story

Military Stories May 21

Just a pound or two of plastic and metal can bring air traffic to a standstill. Such was the case at Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma when a small drone wandered into the base’s flight path on Wednesday. expand full story

Military Stories May 1

Military drones collect a lot of data from their cameras and other sensors. Right now, they stream back whatever they can, leaving humans and computers back at the base to sort through. Now the US Air Force wants to equip the drones with the brains to analyze the data in real-time. expand full story

Military Stories April 16

The lines between consumer, enterprise, and now military drones continue to blur. This week, French drone maker Parrot announced that it’s in the final stage of competition to provide short range reconnaissance drones to the US Army. Getting to that stage required a lot of assurances for a government wary of foreign drone makers. expand full story

Military Stories April 10

Talk about an explosive idea. The US Army Research Lab (ARL) has married drones with grenade launchers. The result is a surveillance system that can operate at up to 2000 feet altitude and 1.25 miles away. expand full story

Military Stories February 11

Indonesia is planning to start mass-producing its Black Eagle long-range surveillance and attack drones for military use by 2022. The news comes two years earlier than originally planned by President Joko Widodo. PT Dirgantara Indonesia, a state-owned company will be tasked with manufacturing the drones.

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