DJI Black Friday Quiz – Take the quiz to win DJI Credits!

DJI Black Friday Quiz

One of the special Black Friday promotions, DJI is launching this year is the DJI Black Friday Quiz. You can participate in the DJI Forum by answering eight questions. Get them all right and you will have a chance of winning $15 worth of DJI credits.

About the DJI Black Friday Quiz

Dear all,

Black Friday is here! DJI has launched its Biggest Sales Event of the Year, offering you incredible deals on drones, gimbals, and accessories. For your comfort, all deals can be accessed from your home. Check out the deals by clicking here.

And it gets even better! Now DJI Forum is giving you the chance to enjoy even more discounts on DJI gears! We created a DJI Black Friday Quiz including 8 questions and if you get all of them right, you will have the chance to win $15 worth of DJI Credits.

Rules of the DJI Black Friday Quiz

Enter this thread to find the questions you need to answer. Post your answers as a reply of this thread. At the end, 20 participants who got all questions right will be picked as the winners. Other participants with 8 right answers will receive 300 Forum Points.

*Please note that only the replies to this DJI Forum thread will be valid for participation.

  • Required reply format:
  1. [Answer 1]
  2. [Answer 2]
  3. [Answer 3]
  • One person cannot leave more than three consecutive messages.
  • Each user can only win once.
  • The quiz starts from now until 23:59 November 28, 2018 (UTC+8)


Most answers to the DJI Black Friday Quiz questions can be found on the Black Friday Sales web page and in this thread. Click here to find the answers!

*Please note that the right answers to these questions may be regional dependent. We will evaluate your answers based on your region.

Here are the DJI Black Friday Quiz questions

Question (Include multiple – choice)
1. When can you receive a Daily Coupon in your region?
A. 17:00 AET
B. 14:00 CST
C. 14:00(UTC-5)
D. 20:00 (UTC+1)
E. None

2. How many types of coupons will be offered per day for Daily Coupons?
A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four E. None

3. Which product below has the biggest price reduction?
A. Mavic Air Fly More Combo
B. Spark Controller Combo
C. Tello Boost Combo
D. DJI Goggles Racing Combo
E. Osmo Mobile 2

4. Which product below is NOT included in the Black Friday Sale?
A. Mavic Air
B. Spark Controller Combo
C. Tello Boost Combo
D. DJI Goggles
E. Osmo Mobile 2

5. Which of the below are NOT a current DJI Forum moderator?
A. DJI Panda B. DJI Mandy C. DJI Tony D.DJI Grace

6. In what year was DJI founded?
A. 2004 B. 2006 C. 2008 D. 2011

7. Which one of the following descriptions about the Mavic 2’s ActiveTrack 2.0 is wrong?
A. With ActiveTrack 2.0, the Mavic 2 maps a 3-dimension view of the surrounding environment through the main camera and forward dual vision sensors for greater recognition and accuracy.
B. Trajectory Prediction algorithms help maintain tracking when your object is blocked by an obstruction temporary.
C. ActiveTrack 2.0 can be enabled when in Sport mode.
D. When tracking an object, the aircraft is able to fly around obstacles.

8. Which products below do NOT have a Camera capable of filming in 4k?
A. Spark B. Tello C. Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 D. Mavic air

DJI Black Friday Quiz answers

And, here are what we think are the DJI Black Friday Quiz answers!

  1. C. 14:00(UTC-5) (USA)
  2. A. One
  3. D. DJI Goggles Racing Combo
  4. D. DJI Goggles
  5. B. DJI Mandy C. DJI Tony and D. DJI Grace
  6. B. 2006
  7. C. ActiveTrack 2.0 can be enabled when in Sport mode.
  8. A. Spark and B. Tello

Good luck!


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