Drone tries to capture footage of Bill Cosby in prison

Drone tries to capture Bill Cosby in prison

A drone tried to capture footage of Bill Cosby in prison. This incident happened last week but only made the news today. As Bill Cosby was escorted around the prison yard a drone flew over the State Correctional Institute Phoenix in Collegeville, Pa. to try and capture photos or video footage. In the past, we have seen multiple cases of drones flying over prisons, but mostly that was done to deliver contraband. Not to take photos or video of infamous inmates

Drone tries to capture Bill Cosby

A spokesperson for the jailed entertainer said that a drone flew over the State Correctional Institute Phoenix prison yard right as Bill Cosby was being escorted. The media rep and prison officials believe the unmanned aerial device to be a media drone trying to get some footage of Bill Cosby.

The former actor, who has been convicted of a number of sex offenses, had previously complained about drones flying over his Montgomery County home.

The correctional facility in Pennsylvania was immediately locked down after the drone incident and reportedly remained locked down for the rest of the day.

According to TMZ, the Department of Corrections officials would not comment on this story. However, they did say that “the agency has installed drone detection systems as part of enhanced security measures at its prisons.” An official also added that the agency “will work with law enforcement to prosecute perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.”

Of course, flying a drone over a prison is illegal in Pennsylvania. It is unclear who was behind the illegal drone flight and if any photos or video has indeed been captured of Bill Cosby.


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Photo: TMZ/Getty composite photo

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