Prison Stories June 15

Quebec's Donnacona prison awaits a new drone delivery

Increasing use of drones for business and pleasure has been adopted in a few places people might not have expected. Prisons, for example, where sightings of drones delivering contraband have skyrocketed in recent months around the world.

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Prison Stories February 3

One of the most lucrative drone delivery services has been in operation for a few years without the public even being aware. A Toronto Star report reveals that drones were used “dozens” of times on deliveries to the Ontario, Canada, prison in 2019, shuttling in tens of thousands of dollars worth of drugs and contraband – including smart watches.

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Prison Stories January 8

A man from Perth, Scotland, has been jailed for six months after being paid to fly phones into a maximum-security prison by drone. He reportedly crashed the drone before it was able to deliver the devices into HMP Edinburgh.

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Prison Stories December 2, 2020

Police are investigating another prison drone drug drop over at the Port Phillip Prison in Melbourne, Australia. Staff at the maximum-security facility uncovered the plan on Saturday, with what appeared to be blades, mobile phones, and illegal drugs being dropped in.

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Prison Stories November 16, 2020

Australian authorities are struggling to keep drone drug deliveries out of Victorian prisons that have been on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The drones have been dropping narcotics and street drugs such as heroin to keep the prison drug market alive.

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Prison Stories September 9, 2020

The New South Wales police are looking for two individuals they believe could help in an investigation relating to a drone that failed to drop drugs into a Sydney jail. The two individuals reportedly purchased the drone used in the failed prison drug drop.

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