Prison Stories February 7

In the UK, a man from Walton used a drone to fly drugs into a prison facility. However, the drone crashed and the man was arrested. He has now been sentenced and ends up in jail himself for five years. This is not the first time that drones were used to fly contraband into a prison facility.

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Prison Stories January 29

A drone tried to capture footage of Bill Cosby in prison. This incident happened last week but only made the news today. As Bill Cosby was escorted around the prison yard a drone flew over the State Correctional Institute Phoenix in Collegeville, Pa. to try and capture photos or video footage. In the past, we have seen multiple cases of drones flying over prisons, but mostly that was done to deliver contraband. Not to take photos or video of infamous inmates

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Prison Stories October 4, 2018

In a less than genius move, a Scottish gang filmed themselves with the drone, they were going to use to fly drugs into prison. The drone crashed on the prison grounds and was picked up by a guard who found all the incriminating footage, including faces, a house number and a car that belonged to them.

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Prison Stories July 3, 2018

Career-criminal Redoine Faid escaped from Reau Prison located just south of Paris, France, with the help of a heavily armed team. This team arrived by helicopter and broke Faid out using brute force. Just months before his escape, drones were spotted flying above the prison which are now believed to be linked to the breakout.

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Prison Stories June 27, 2018

With the potential of drones growing every day, more and more uses are found for them to complete tasks more efficiently. A couple in Riverside County, California abused the use of their drone as they delivered drugs to clients in a parking lot from their own house. The man and woman have since been arrested and are both facing jail time as a result of their actions.

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Prison Stories June 26, 2018

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced on Tuesday that flying over federal prisons and Coast Guard bases would be forbidden. The flight restrictions will go into effect just under two weeks from now on July 7th. The FAA is authorized to do so under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) §99.7 – “Special Security Instructions” – to address concerns about drone operations over national security sensitive facilities by establishing temporary Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) specific flight restrictions. Federal security partners and prison officials requested the restrictions. The concern at hand is prisoners receiving drugs, weapons and other contraband using drones and even escaping from prison. Other concerns are attempted terrorist attacks on federal facilities.

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