Prison Stories June 26

The Modern Rogue team took a look at the custom 12-gauge shotgun shells filled with a net designed to take down rogue drones flying over a prison. The video shows the solution working – and failing – at the exact same time.

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Prison Stories June 12

Four people have been charged after trying to fly a drone into Collins Bay Institution in Kingston, Ontario, to get contraband into the prison. The drone was flying a package into the prison carrying what is believed to be weapons, tobacco, and cannabis.

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Prison Stories March 16

Two men from New Jersey have been charged by the United States Department of Justice for using drones to smuggle drugs, cell phones, and other contraband into a federal prison in Burlington county. expand full story

Prison Stories January 2

Drones have a history of entering and dropping off goods into prisons with various drops being captured on camera. Christmas Day for prisoners in Queensland’s Capricornia Correctional Centre was an extra special due to a rogue drone dropping off two packages, sending the prison into lockdown for the majority of the day.

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Prison Stories February 7, 2019

In the UK, a man from Walton used a drone to fly drugs into a prison facility. However, the drone crashed and the man was arrested. He has now been sentenced and ends up in jail himself for five years. This is not the first time that drones were used to fly contraband into a prison facility.

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Prison Stories January 29, 2019

A drone tried to capture footage of Bill Cosby in prison. This incident happened last week but only made the news today. As Bill Cosby was escorted around the prison yard a drone flew over the State Correctional Institute Phoenix in Collegeville, Pa. to try and capture photos or video footage. In the past, we have seen multiple cases of drones flying over prisons, but mostly that was done to deliver contraband. Not to take photos or video of infamous inmates

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