New DJI FPV System reviewed by FPV drone racer [video]

New DJI FPV HD System reviewed by a FPV drone racer

If you’re an FPV drone racer and are considering the new DJI FPV system, check out this video on YouTube from Heart of America FPV. In the 10-minute video, he explains the benefits of DJI’s new system and some of the issues you might run into when using it for indoor FPV drone racing. One of the benefits he’s really excited about is not having to deal with multipath video interference anymore.

The new DJI FPV System from a drone racer’s perspective

Heart of America FPV starts off by saying that most of the early video reviews of the new DJI FPV system were done as freestylers and not as FPV drone racers. As a result, some of the considerations for drone racing have not yet been addressed. In this video, Heart of America FPV wants to highlight these aspects and provide a review of the new DJI FPV HD System from an FPV drone racer’s perspective.

In the video, he explains that he doesn’t care as much about HD quality when flying races, but what he hates is multipath video interference. According to him, multipath video interference indoors can be devastating. As many of the major FPV drone race events around the world are held inside, the DJI system, if adopted, would make a huge difference. 

Multipath video interference is not so much interference from other quads, but it’s the RF energy produced by your own drone bouncing off metal parts in the building and causing interference. 

A few things that he mentioned in the video:

  • Will work with timing systems
  • When using the new DJI FPV system you can get interference from other nearby FPV pilots. DJI suggests keeping a 10-foot distance from others to prevent this from happening. See DJI’s FAQs here.
  • Latency in his testing varied from 21 ms to around 30 ms
  • Breakup is fine and better than analog
  • Flying in the 700 milliwatts resulted in no lag spikes whereas when flown in 25 milliwatts, the feed would sometimes freeze for one frame when the drone is behind an obstacle such as a tree
  • Inter-Pupillary Distance (IPD) looked great, i.e., the ability to adjust the DJI FPV Goggles to the distance between your eyes
  • The shape of the goggles might not work for everyone as there is some light leak possible depending on the shape of your face. (DJI has said that they will come out with different foam paddings to better fit different people.)
  • Setting up the DJI FPV Goggles and Air Unit took some time initially because of firmware updates, etc.
  • Lastly, Heart of America FPV suggests that DJI should organize some big-money FPV drone-racing events around the world to get racers excited about their new system. Let’s see if DJI listens.

Do you race FPV drones? Let us know what you think about DJI’s FPV System in the comments below.

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