Drone Trainer Podcast interview about the DJI Mavic Mini with DroneDJ

Drone Trainer Podcast interview about the DJI Mavic Mini with DroneDJ

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Chris Anderson for his well-known Drone Trainer Podcast. In the interview, we spoke a bit about how we got started with DroneDJ but mostly about flying the DJI Mavic Mini (from DJI or Amazon) and what my experience had been so far. If you haven’t heard of Chris’ podcast, you should totally check him out. He has been interviewing drone pilots and other people from the drone industry for some time and is up to episode 104 already. You will find the transcription below as well as a YouTube version of the podcast itself.

Drone Trainer Podcast – the DJI Mavic Mini

Please keep in mind that this is an automatically generated transcription of the interview and will likely contain numerous typos and errors.

Chris 0:00
Welcome to the drone trainer podcast. This is Episode 104. Let’s go. Are you planning to have a successful drone business? Join Chris as he interviews successful drone pilots from around the world to fast track your success. Ready? Here’s Chris.

Hey everybody, how’s it going? This is Episode 104 of the drone trainer podcast. And this is a bit of a bonus episode as it falls outside of my usual Wednesday publishing routine. Today on the show, we have Haye from DroneDJ, and he’s going to talk specifically about the Mavic Mini. He was able to get one of the early release models from DJI so he’s been able to fly it and do a bunch of tests on it to see really what this machine is capable of. Before we get to that, I just wanna remind you that I’ve got some freebies at the thedronetrainer.com so you can grab a pre-flight checklist and a logbook and even something to teach you how to read Metar and TAF as a free download over there. So just head over to thedronetrainer.com and you can find those. As well during the interview, I mentioned that I got an email from DJI this morning, saying that the Mavic mini had been discounted from $399 to $349. So if you want to check that out, I’ve got a link directly to that in the show notes. Or if you go to thedronetrainer.com/mini the drone trader comm slash Mini, it’ll take you right there, and I’ve confirmed that it is 349. And it says they’ll ship within three days. So if you’re looking to get a mini, I’d suggest you get on that. Alright, now let’s get to today’s chat with Haye.

Hi Haye, how you doing?

Haye Kesteloo 1:26
Hey, pretty good. How are you doing?

Chris 1:27
I’m good. Thanks. Thanks for coming on the show.

Haye Kesteloo 1:29
Thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure being here.

Chris 1:31
Yeah, no problem at all. Can you just introduce yourself to everybody, please?

Haye Kesteloo 1:35
Yeah, sure. So my name is Haye Kesteloo and I’m the main writer and editor for a relatively new drone website called DroneDJ. And we started so what was it back in September of 2017, launching DroneDJ as a new site dedicated to drone rumors and news and since then, the site has been growing really, really rapidly. We’ve been able to break a lot of the new product launches from from DJI over the last two years. And we’re looking forward to keep growing our website basically.

Chris 2:03
Awesome. Yeah, I’ve been following you guys since since you came out really like it, and it was right there in my feeds everywhere. And I was like, Okay, I gotta reach out to this guy and say hello. So yeah, I’m very familiar with where you are. And yeah, it looks like you guys are doing a good thing. So can you just tell me a little bit about how you got into drone DJ was it out of a love for drones first and then you got into this or was it a love for something else, and then it kind of developed into drones?

Haye Kesteloo 2:27
Well, I, I worked in internet marketing, basically for more than the last 10 years. And let’s say 10 years ago, a lot of that work had to do with web development and building websites for customers. But as those content management systems got better, my work shifts to more like storytelling and photography, and also videography, and photography. It was always kind of a passion for me anyway. So now, when drones came around, it was pretty obvious that I was going to fly drones as well. So I did my first I had flown drones before but the first one that I bought was actually the DJI Mavic Pro because that seemed to make a lot of sense. I almost bought a karma. If it wasn’t for the fact that DJI launched their Mavic Pro only, I think two or three days after GoPros announcement. So luckily, I picked a better drone off to do.

And then later I found out that the guy who runs nine to five mac.com, and electric does go those are two relatively big websites lives in the same town where I live. So as we got to know each other, we were talking about the work that we’re doing. At some point, we had the idea that hey, maybe we should launch another websites focused on drones, strong rumors, drone news, basically anything that has to do with with drones and flying them. And that’s when we decided to launch drone DJ and this was back in September 2017 when it officially was launched. Yeah, and since then, it’s been off to the races basically.

Chris 3:52
Awesome. So do you think that if you weren’t interested in drones at all, do you think you’d have the same passion for it now or would it just be like me do a passion project,

Haye Kesteloo 4:01
I think it’d be hard to make it work if you if you don’t have a passion for drones because writing the articles and staying on top of news, you can treat that as work. But I don’t think that will cut it. I mean, I think you have to have more than that in terms of interest into into topic to be successful. There’s, there’s so much news going around us. So many people, you have to get to know that’s an entire industry that’s basically growing really rapidly. So if you want to be able to write about drones and have a decent level of knowledge and kind of be on top of what’s out there in terms of news, then it’s for sure would help if you’re passionate about it. Yeah.

Chris 4:38
Yeah, that’s a very good point. And it’s good to hear that because you hear of, you know, various sites and outlets and stuff like that, that are writing about articles and they don’t have any background in it. So you don’t have the same authority. Right. But if you’re, you know, using them and working with them and stuff like that, and then you write about them as well to obviously people will stand up and pay attention to what you’re writing.

Haye Kesteloo 4:57
Yeah, and I think also your work is a lot It’s easier and more fun to do. If it’s something you enjoy doing, then it doesn’t feel like work. So you’re not counting the hours that you’re putting in, you’re not treating it as a nine to five job. And as soon as 5pm comes around on a Friday, you’re like you’re done. I mean, I read a lot about drones. I talked to a lot of people in the drone industry. And it’s a very cool industry. And I think it’s fascinating how it’s changing so rapidly. And you see that all the new products that are coming out and yeah, it’s I think it’s awesome. And it’s it’s cool to be involved in the early stages of that industry, because I think there’s so many changes that are about to happen, and yeah, it’s it’s super interesting to see that from up close.

Chris 5:37
Yeah, I totally agree with everything you just said. So, you mentioned the Mavic Pro. Is that the same drone that you’re flying now or have you picked up a couple other along the way?

Haye Kesteloo 5:44
Um, I have a small collection of drones by now I’m afraid. I mean, a lot of smaller companies have been sending us drones. DJI, of course, keep sending us drones as well and invites us to their events. So but most of the time I’m flying the DJI mess. Pro I think that’s probably my favorite drone right now. Mostly because it’s jMavicust a combination of getting the specs and the capability in the drone with the fact that it’s so portable. I mean, it’s an easy drone to take with you. Although, to be honest, now that the DJI Mavic mini came out recently, I mean, if you’re talking about portability, and just ease of use, I think that drone is kind of hard to beat to be honest.

Chris 6:22
Yeah, so that just got announced a little while ago. And I know some of the first orders are going to start to ship next week. But there were a couple of those pre launch ones that came around. So you were obviously lucky enough to get your hands on one of those.

Haye Kesteloo 6:34
Yeah, DJI invited me to their launch events in Brooklyn, New York. What about a week ago or so? And then two days later, a method mini appeared here at my doorstep. So I have one for testing purposes, which is really cool. And like many of our readers and many people in the drone industry of course, we were very curious to see what kind of drone it is and how how good it actually is.

Chris 6:57
Yeah, when it first was announced. I was pretty good. started thinking like it was like the same as my cell phone like it’s light. It’s small, a lot of cool things. But I had a couple other things that I was a little bit, maybe worried about due to how much it weighed and how big it was. So I’ve been watching some of your, your posts on Twitter and YouTube and stuff like that with the testing that you’ve done with it. And it’s been quite extensive. So he just talk a little bit about what your experience has been with it so far. Like, have you found that? Yeah, I’ll let I’ll let you run with it. Just let us know kind of what you’ve what you found so far.

Haye Kesteloo 7:29
Sure. So I got this drone about a week ago, and the first day that I had available to fly, it was like 25 miles an hour went. And of course, one of the main features of the DJI Mavic Mini is the fact that it’s so small and so lightweight. Crucially, it’s below to 150 grams, which makes it a lot easier to fly. And not not even so much in the US but in other countries like Canada, it’s it’s much easier to fly. But that lightweights you kind of wonder like hey, how much of a drone Can it really be? It’s so lightweight and so tiny and how much of a real aircraft is it so on that Thursday I think it was when we had 25 miles an hour winds is like all right let’s put it to the test Let’s fly this drone and I made that first video in the morning where you can see the drone just fighting the wind and the wind is being pushed up a seawall and over a hatch if you will. So it was super gusty there and you can see in the video How to drone us finding the state’s grounds. I posted that on YouTube got a lot of reactions and a lot of questions from people like hey, can you trade in a different way? Can you fly higher Can you flight further out? So then in the afternoon, I shot a second video and even though the wind wasn’t as strong it was still at least 20 miles an hour. So I fluid wafer it around over to Hudson and I was blown away to be honest with how well this small super lightweight drone actually handled itself and how it was able to fly in those strong winds. Yeah, watching it bounce around in the wind there I was something because that was my first concern. When I looked at the weight of that thing. I thought that I have a Trello and obviously flying hours is not a big deal but as soon as you go outside and anything more than you know just a little bit of a breeze it’s it starts to struggle so I wondered if the lightweight would have of the many would have the same kind of reaction but watching the video yeah it held its position pretty good like it was kind of bucking around it wasn’t stone cold. Yeah, it was it was able to hold on in those winds which was good. How was the video like did it did with the gimbal able to compensate for all the bucking around that the drone was doing? Yeah, if you if you if you look at the footage, you can see that there’s some movements but if you then look at the drone and how the drone is bucking around, it’s like the video footage is actually really stable and its first video I put a drone in a very tough spot because it’s like right over the edge of that see well so the wind is coming up. So at some point, the wind is not so strong and then you have another guest coming through. And you see that as a result the drone is just it’s moving violently almost and for the gimbal in the in the software the DJI uses to stabilize that footage thought they did a great job because typically when you fly a drone your drone wouldn’t be moving to that extent so getting smooth video footage with this drone I don’t think there’s an issue at all and the fact that they have a three axis stabilize gimbal on the drone this small and this light I think is kind of amazing. Really?

Chris 10:18
Yeah, that’s very impressive and like I said, that was my number one worry with it. But watching your videos there I was, I was clear right away. I’m like, wow, this this thing can take a bit of a beating when it comes to wind and still produce something nice. So So what else? What else? Have you noticed with it? What other kind of tests have you done and and found some, maybe some bad with it?

Haye Kesteloo 10:37
Basically, so to sort of to test and strong winds were first and that kind of gave me an indication of Hey, this drone actually flies quite well. Then over the Hudson, in a much more quieter part of New York basically further up north I fluid across the river. I was blown away with the Wi Fi connection. Now granted, those might have been ideal circumstances. I mean, I was at a higher elevation Myself and there’s nothing to obstruct the signal. But the Wi Fi signal strength actually was really really good and I know a lot of people were concerned that hey if you’re going to fly this drone and maybe DJI says okay two and a half miles but maybe in reality that’s only half a mile or something and I’m pretty confident that this drone has a much better connection. It’s not like Aki sync Of course, unfortunately. But still the waiver connection is really good. Then the next test I did was to just hovered a drone as the sun was setting and see how it would deal with low light conditions and especially in the second video, dare when it gets really really dark towards the ends, the footage, it being 2.7 K and I think it’s about 240 megabits per seconds, you would think the footage would fall apart pretty quickly but again, it’s actually quite good and only until it gets really really dark is when you it gets to be really grainy and the food is becomes or deteriorates, deteriorates. But I think That point, I think it’s actually quite good considering the specs of the drone.

Chris 12:04
Nice. And how is the photo performance

Haye Kesteloo 12:06
photo performances. I mean, it’s a 12 megapixel photo, so one over two thirds sensor. So it’s it’s not anything shocking in that sense but the photo performance is, is quite well I’m about to write an article actually about to low light performance to use both the video footage and some photos I took when it was darker. I think it’s really good. I mean, if you think about it for for most people getting into drones, the price point of course, it’s important ease of use is important, which you kind of get with this drone. Also in terms of flying it because they simplify the app and you’re missing some features. But at the same time, it’s really nice to have a app that’s less cluttered. So if you’re getting into drones and you want to be able to fly and you want to be able to take video footage and take some pictures and share it as online, I think the quality is more than good enough because think about that if you if you upload videos to Facebook or you put them on YouTube and people Watch it on their phone or tablets, then you don’t necessarily need 4k because it’s not really going to show off anyway. So I don’t think being limited the 2.7 K is that much of a deal. I worried that the 40 megabits per second would be a limiting factor. And I think to a degree it might be but not I mean for 399 and this is your first drone. I think it does everything that you would want to beginner drone to do Really?

Chris 13:25
Yeah. And actually, I think I just got an email from DJI this morning saying that they’ve adjusted the price now to 349 like if it’s just a sale today or if that was just specific to me, but I saw something like that when I woke up this morning so it’s Yeah, so if people are still looking at grab one like check out DJ eyes site to see if that pricing is still still active like this is Friday morning, obviously that we’re talking right now so I don’t know if it’s something through the weekend or what but might be something worth looking at. Do you think the the fact that you can only shoot JPG and not raw photos? Do you think that’s a limiting factor or four Most of the use cases that this type of drone is going to be involved in a JPEG is enough.

Haye Kesteloo 14:04
I think I think the audience at DG is aiming for so so let’s say people who are about to get into drone flying or thinking about getting into drone flying I don’t think it’s so much an issue. I think a lot of the critique that’s the DJI method mean he gets right now is coming from more to the serious drone pilots or even commercial drone pilots. And they’re looking at this drone this Okay, it’s it’s a great drone. It’s super small. It’s great to travel with to fly internationally. I want to be able to use it for commercial purposes. And once you start to think along those lines, then yeah, being able to shooting RAW becomes important being able to shoot video in 4k and at a higher bitrate becomes important because now you can crop it later on in post production. So I think those people are more looking at it’s expecting this drone to be able to kind of deliver on the same level as a DJ Mavic to pro boots. But of course digital is not really geared towards this audience. So I think what DJI is aiming for having a drone that’s, that’s affordable, and that’s small and it’s easy to fly for people who are getting into the drone flying thing. I think this drone makes a ton of sense. At the same time, yeah, you have all these enthusiasts and commercial drone pilots who are looking at this, like, hey, I want a drone like that. But I would love the specs to be slightly better. So hopefully in the future, maybe DJI will be able to launch a DJI Mavic mini two and kind of hit those, those spec levels. I think that will be amazing if they can,

Chris 15:33
I think some of it might come down to us being spoiled, like we’ve been treated very well by DJI and the like the quality in the everything that you can do with the drones that you just expect that you’re going to continue to get that as even if they get smaller and smaller and smaller, right. So I think that maybe it was just an expectation and you know, people could be saddened by it, but really, if you look at the size of it and the quickness to you know, get it out of your pocket and get it up in the air and take some photos and especially Like what you mentioned, if you’re going to be using your media for Instagram and that kind of stuff, then you don’t need, you don’t necessarily need to have the raw stuff like you can still work with JPG not to the same extent, like I’m a huge fan of raw. But, you know, for quick stuff. And, you know, I think it’s totally fine to go with jpg. You mentioned the app was a little bit different. So is it just a stripped down version of DJI go for or what does it look like?

Haye Kesteloo 16:26
Yeah, it looks familiar, almost in a deceiving way. Because then because of the familiar reality, you kind of look for buttons and options, and some of them are there but then others aren’t. So it does take a little getting used to but having a screen that’s a lot less cluttered. Definitely is nice. And at the launch events, DJ said that, hey, when we have new drones with new capabilities, we can always use the existing apps because the DJI GO FOR app has been changed in I guess, upgraded over the years to a point but it was never Designed to do certain things. So with the launch of the DJI Mavic Mini, they said they had to come up with a new app. I think simplifying, it’s, in many ways a good thing. But this is kind of allows you to focus more on flying the drone. At the same time, some of the features you would like to see there. And the app that I’m playing with right now is still in beta version. So hopefully, when they launch the official app on November 11, I think it is, maybe we’ll get to see some new features, or maybe they’ll kind of clean things up and make it better still, I’m expecting at least some changes. But for now, the app and then once you get used to it, it’s totally fine. And I haven’t really found anything that I really miss. I mean, then aroma pictures, I guess will be nice. I’m hoping that they’re going to include that. I mean, that seems to be a bit of a mission in the in the app, but you can do all the things that you need to do and all the information that you need to fly a drone safely is available to you. Does it have a lot of the same intelligent flight modes like tripod mode, and like tiny planet, I cant rember the name of it right now, but like some of those ones where it’ll automatically record you. It has four quick shots, I believe you have to drone, the two rockets, the helix and the circle. Those are the four most that are available right now. And then you have sports mode standards and cinema smooth. And I found sports mode is find a slice way more responsive to stand that is just kind of makes it a slow drone. So I don’t really fly like that’s the center smooth was tricky, because in some directions, the flow, the drone would behave fairly smoothly, but then in other directions, it will be a lot more abrupt. So I think if there are when DJI launches the final version of the app, I think they might make some improvements there. So in the app, you don’t get the option to shoot RAW files when it comes to photography and you’re also not able to make any manual adjustments when you’re shooting video. I don’t know if they’re going to make changes in that area. It would be nice if they do terms of the ability of the app I mean, in case that there are hardware restrictions, I guess you’re not going to see any upgrades, but auto things like been around my photos. I mean, that’s not restricted by heart, right? It’s just an option in the app that they either need to unlock or they need to develop. I’m hoping that’s they’re going to include that in the final version of the app because that again, to me seems intermission especially when you’re targeting consumers with with this drone.

Chris 19:27
So when you mentioned the Sony smooth and it’s not it’s more abrupt in certain directions, is that because of the wind, like just slowing it down from it’s like the plants good that it’s trying to do? Or is it something else that’s just causing it to be a little bit like more abrupt?

Haye Kesteloo 19:41
Well, what I was doing this, I flew around the house and then through my house and then I put it in the center small sodas I wouldn’t touch any walls of course at the drop guard song, but I figured that would help and forward motion was kind of smooth, but then sideways was much more abrupt, abrupt, so it seems like they just need to calibrate to settings and make the drone flies smooth in all directions. Yeah, I think in the final version of the app, that will probably be the case because it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t flying. Totally smooth in all directions.

Chris 20:13
Gotcha. What is the What’s it sound like? Like in comparison to like the Mavic pro and Mavic to pro and stuff like that other ones that you flown? Is it? Is it noisier? Or is it quieter or more high pitched or anything like that?

Haye Kesteloo 20:25
Um, I would say it’s quieter been mostly because the propeller blades are so thin and flexible. I mean, they’re almost similar to what you see on the Barrett and athey. It doesn’t have that more annoying sound that you get with the DJI Mavic. Air I never really liked how that sound is. Now, I would say it’s, it’s a it’s a gentler version of the DJI Mavic to basically it’s it has a similar sounds, but not quite as loud. And again, it’s that’s nice as well because once you’re airborne and you kind of move away a little bit, people don’t really notice this drone so much. I mean, I went hiking with My daughter at breakneck mountain North here in near cold springs, New York. And that’s a pretty popular hiking death and there’s a lot of people but as soon as you fly the drone and you’re slightly away and remove 200 people then they don’t really see the drone. They don’t really hear the drone. So it’s not as intrusive. Let’s say if you were flying a DJI Phantom four.

Chris 21:21
That’s That’s very interesting. I assumed it was gonna be higher pitched and a bit noisier. But yeah, that’s, that’s very good to hear. I know the training on the training aspect of things. The spark has been a popular choice because it’s small, and it’s quite durable. Like I’ve seen people bash them into all kinds of things and the drone seems to survive. Have you either deliberately or by accident, bounce it off of anything to see how, how well it can sustain a little bit of a bump.

Haye Kesteloo 21:51
I haven’t crashed it. Fortunately, I used to have a DJI spark and the spark for sure was was very sturdy. But I suspect liked about the spark was when you put it in sports mode, it became really agile and you don’t quite get that same agility with the DJI Mavic mini with the mini one, once you get it out of the box, and especially when there’s no battery in there yet, the first thing that kind of strikes you is just how super lightweight it is. And the fact that DJ was able to get it below 250 grams meant that they had to make a number of I’d say the trade offs, I guess. So it’s for sure feels less sturdy than if you compare it to a DJ method to pro I mean, that’s, that’s rock solid. This is nuts. It’s way more flimsy. If you twist the arms, you can kind of twist them a little bit. The plastic is much more thin and super lightweight. At the same time, I don’t think it’s very fragile. It doesn’t feel like it will break right away if you bump into something, but don’t expect the same rigidity or solid builds that you get with a DJ to for instance. It’s not at that level for sure.

Chris 23:01
Gotcha. What’s the case look like? I assume you have the fly Mark combo cuz you mentioned the prop cards and stuff like that. Is it like a small little carrying bag? or What does it look like?

Haye Kesteloo 23:09
Yeah, it’s a it’s a small carrying bag, it’s probably the size of an iPad, but then of course, much thicker. So I don’t know picture stack of six or seven iPads, I guess if, as a size comparison, it’s nice everything that you need to bring fits in there. One thing that’s kind of interesting is that the handle is seems to be on the wrong side. So when you open up location, if you were to accidentally lifted, everything would fall out. So there might be a design flaw there. But once you know the case, I don’t think that will really be an issue. What’s really nice is that when you have to fly more package f3 batteries and the flight time in real life is easily 25 minutes is what I’ve noticed. So with three batteries, you can expect to fly for at least an hour and I think that’s really cool because it allows you to position the drone take some video footage Do it again, if you’re not quite happy and kind of get exactly the shots the way you want them, and you don’t have to worry so quickly about landing the drone and swapping batteries because you’ve got some decent time to fly this, this drone. So the three batteries in the flight I think are a huge advantage there.

Chris 24:15
Yeah, I was really impressed when I saw that and watching your videos to seeing the flight time like the true flight time you get out of it. That’s very impressive. And I’m I’m happy to see that. So with that the carrying case that it comes with, is it going to be durable enough that you can put that in your backpack with like, bottles of water and whatever else you need when you go on a hike and it’s going to be able to adequately protect it?

Haye Kesteloo 24:37
Yeah, I would say so. I mean, I I haven’t even done that. I mean to be honest, I haven’t baby to the drone. I mean, I just threw the drone in my backpack next to the controller to spare batteries and we went hiking so I didn’t even bring the case with me. Okay. Yeah, so I don’t think the drone is dead honorable that you have to treat it like a baby and put it in the case at all times. I mean, the case is great because it protects the drone and If that’s important, then by all means you should use the case. But of also the case makes it more bulky and if it then has to fit has to fit in a smaller backpack, it may not always be the most practical. I don’t think you necessarily necessarily need to use the case at all times. When you fought a drone up, I think the only two things to worry about really is to propel us not getting stuck somewhere and potentially breaking or folding. The gimbal itself is protected by the gimbal cover so as long as you put that on, I think you’re pretty much good to go really. That’s Yeah,

Chris 25:29
that’s awesome. Yeah, I’ve brought my magic to pro around the sometimes and I leave it in I have a hard case for it. I have like one of the it’s not Pelican but one of the other companies The name is escaping me right now. But kind of that that style of hard case and that case fits perfectly in my 511 backpack but sometimes if I want to take other stuff with me like it totally dominates the case, I can’t carry anything else with me. So if I use the carrying case that came with the fly more combo it seems to work well and it does protect it quite well. So that’s good to hear. Like that, you know case or case you’re okay in your backpack. So yeah, that’s Yeah, that’ll be that’ll be, that’ll be a good feature for people that are interested in taking it on hikes and stuff.

Haye Kesteloo 26:08
Yeah, for sure. I mean, I’ve been to a lot of those drone conventions and I will bring a drone with me because hey, maybe I can fly when I’m somewhere and I will bring a camera and lenses and a gimbal and batteries and a laptop and all that stuff. And before you know it, you’re carrying this backpack that’s pretty heavy. And yeah, let’s say in the morning, it’s fine. But then towards the end of the day, you’re like, Man, what am I doing? Why, why do I bring so much so I’m changing my ways in by downsizing basically. So now what I use mostly is just DJI or small pockets. I use the DJI Mavic Mini, I use an iPad. I have one battery, spare battery with me to charge my devices and with a smartphone, you’re pretty much good to go and there’s a lot of stuff you can do. And what I find is that when you have things that are light and easy to pack, you’re a lot more likely to actually take this stuff with you on your travels and when things become heavy and bulky and now you have to worry about how you fit into your backpack. You have to carry the whole day, you become less likely to take a draw with you. So I think the fact that the DJI Mavic minis are smaller so lightweights Yeah. makes a huge difference in that sense as well.

Chris 27:10
Yeah, that’s, I think after hearing all of this and seeing, seeing the footage online and things like that, I think it’s really going to be a no brainer for people that want to have something that’s easy and portable. And like you said, like it the more you carry with you like the more options you’re going to have, however, it’s going to become a burden and you’re, you’re not going to want to deploy anything or take your cameras out and all that stuff. So yeah, having the size and the capability is a is a great thing. So I think this drone is going to be extremely popular especially now as we start approaching the Christmas season. So hopefully they’ve got enough enough in the chute that they can supply as many as they needed before Christmas and get a lot of those things under the tree.

Haye Kesteloo 27:45
I hope so too. I can imagine that. If people are thinking about getting into drones, then they they ought to be considering the DJI Mavic Mini I mean in terms of again, like the price the ease of use the reliability, I’m not quite sure if there are many other drugs sets that come close to this one. Yes.

Chris 28:02
Alright. Cool. Thank you. Hi, that was an awesome chat. It was really cool to hear about, you know how you got into things and your success with drone DJ as well as your first hand account of the magic minutes. I wanted to have you on the show just to talk about it because you see it like right at launch, I saw reviews from people that weren’t drone pilots. So I didn’t take anything that they said at face value. I wanted to hear from somebody that knew what they were doing and what they’re talking about. So I appreciate you, you know, giving up a little bit of time this morning to chat about it.

Haye Kesteloo 28:30
Yeah, no worries. I mean, thank you so much for having me on the show that I love doing things like that. So it’s my pleasure to be here for sure. And if you ever want me back, just let me know. And I’d be happy to come on the show and talk about whatever DJI is launching next or whatever drone we get our hands on.

Chris 28:45
Yeah, that sounds good. So where can people find you online if they want to check out what you’re doing?

Haye Kesteloo 28:50
The easiest place really to go to will be drone dj.com because everything kind of ties back to the website and we we have a Twitter account. We’re on Instagram or on YouTube for sure. We’re on Facebook is Well, so through social media people can find us. But if you go to drone dj.com Yeah, you’ll find everything basically. Gotcha.

Chris 29:06
Okay, I’ll put links to all that stuff in the show notes. And yeah, thanks again. That was a great chat and I look forward to getting my hands on one myself. And then and then continuing to follow what you guys are doing over there at drone DJ, you’re doing an excellent job.

Haye Kesteloo 29:18
Awesome. Appreciate it. Thank you so much again for having me on the show today.

Chris 29:23
Thanks for listening to the drone trainer podcast. Subscribe now and check out more at the drone trainer.com

What do you think about the DJI Mavic Mini (from DJI or Amazon)? Let us know in the comments below.

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