DJI Mavic Mini versus the DJI Mavic Air – Which one to buy [video]

DJI Mavic Mini versus the DJI Mavic Air

In this video, two of DJI’s smallest drones go head-to-head: the DJI Mavic Mini (DJI, Amazon) versus the DJI Mavic Air (DJI, Amazon). Definitely worth watching as the outcome may surprise you. And especially, if you’re considering getting one of these drones during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

DJI Mavic Mini versus the DJI Mavic Air

Check out this video from Drone Pro Academy in which two of DJI’s smallest drones go head-to-head: the DJI Mavic Mini versus the DJI Mavic Air. The two aircraft are compared on a number of different aspects. Is the new Mavic mini good enough to compete with the DJI Mavic Air? Watch the video and the outcome may surprise you.

  • Price: DJ Mavic Mini easily wins on price as it comes in at $399 versus $919 for the Mavic Air.
  • Weight and size: Mavic Mini wins with 249 grams vs 430 grams for the Mavic Air.
  • Flight time: 30 minutes for the Mavic Mini vs 21 minutes for the Mavic Air. Mini wins.
  • Top speed: 42.5 mph for the Air vs 29 mph for the Mini. Mavic Air wins.
  • Max range capabilities: 2.48 miles for both drones, however, the DJI Mavic Air has more robust connectivity and thus wins this round.
  • Obstacle avoidance: The DJI Mavic Air had forward, backward and downward sensors for obstacle avoidance, whereas the Mini only has downward sensors to help during landing. Mavic Air wins hands-down.
  • Focal length: both camera feature 24mm lenses in 35 format equivalent so that’s a draw.
  • Camera quality and frame rate options: 1/2.3″ CMOS sensors for both drones. Mavic Air has better specs but this Mavic Mini is really good and provides a sharper and cleaner image. It also has a really, really good dynamic range. So even though the Mavic Air shoots at 100 Mbps versus only 40 Mbps for the Mini, the Mavic Mini wins this round.
  • Wind conditions: the DJI Mavic Air easily wins this round.
  • Camera controls: This one is a draw.
  • Exposure settings: And this one is a draw as well. The drones are different and the Mini offers fewer options but still delivers.
  • Build quality: The Mavic Air wins easily
  • Noise levels: The DJI Mavic Mini wins with only 74 decibels versus 79 Db for the Air.
  • Internal storage: The DJI Mavic Air has 8GB of internal storage and wins. The Mini has none.
  • Quickshot mode: A draw according to Chris, but I am not sure. I would give the upper hand to the Air in this case with its Pano mode and HDR features.
  • Low light performance: Surprisingly the Mavic Mini wins this one as well.

In the video, Chris concludes that the comparison is a draw, although he leans towards the DJI Mavic Mini. I would argue that the DJI Mavic Mini is the clear winner when you factor in price, portability, and practicality. The fact that you don’t have to register the Mavic Mini is not a huge deal in my mind. But that you can go ahead and simply fly the Mini in many other countries (Canada for instance) is a huge win for those of you who like to travel. So, yeah I’d pick the Mini and use the extra money for accessories or to help pay for your next trip.

Either way, it is a great video and I think you will enjoy watching it.

What do you think about the DJI Mavic Mini versus the DJI Mavic Air video? Let us know in the comments below.

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