36% of shoppers more likely to buy online if item delivered by drone

Drone delivery delivered online shoppers

In a recent survey, Clutch discovered that 39% of shoppers surveyed weren’t fazed if their packages were delivered or not delivered by a drone. 36% of people said they were more likely to order online if the package was delivered by a drone.

The survey took the answers of 528 online shoppers to see if drones were really on the minds of online shoppers. Thirty-nine percent of people said they weren’t fazed if their packages were delivered by drone or not.

Clutch also asked the online shoppers what they thought the benefits of drone deliveries are. Thirty-three percent said it would be faster than current delivery standards, and 21% said they thought it would be cheaper.

Just under 40% of people were worried about their packages being damaged during the drone deliveries, or worse, the delivery drones being stolen or hacked, and therefore the customer not receiving their package.

The survey goes in-depth into major questions about drone delivery, including, “How do people feel about drone delivery?” and, “Can drone delivery impact jobs?” According to Clutch, people are most excited about the speed improvements drones will bring, with the second- and third-highest being cheaper delivery and the ability to deliver to rural communities, respectively.

Delivery companies will need to continue to develop their drone delivery solutions and come up with measures to ensure customers’ worries are kept to a minimum. These changes will only happen with time as companies continue to invest in the related technology and more companies enter the space. Overall, deliveries by drones have a bright future ahead.

What are your thoughts on drone delivery? Do you have any worries about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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