Drone Delivery Stories January 13

Drones have been delivering everything from life-saving medicine to coffee for some time now, but a Seattle company hopes to add cannabis to the list by using drones to deliver it directly to dispensaries.

GRN Holdings announced the move publicly in December when it signed a letter of intent to purchase drones for cannabis delivery.

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Drone Delivery Stories December 6, 2019

While drone delivery is just taking off, delivering everything from coffee to medicine, IBM is taking steps to prevent drones from stealing packages from you. The system uses an internet of things device in combination with the IBM blockchain, to keep the packages in the right hands.

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Drone Delivery Stories December 3, 2019

A new IMechE poll has found that only 23% of adults living in the United Kingdom support deliveries by drones. This was highlighted in a report titled: Public Perception: Drones. The surprisingly low level of support comes from concerns that include package theft and accidents.

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Drone Delivery Stories December 2, 2019

The French Postal Service has started to use drones to deliver parcels to remote Alpine villages. A subsidiary of La Poste, DPD states that delivering packages by drone is more reliable, quicker, and safer than driving a van up a narrow mountain road in the winter when these roads are often icy or blocked by snow.

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Drone Delivery Stories October 25, 2019

This morning the Wall Street Journal has a detailed article about deliveries by drone. They take a closer look at Amazon, Wing Aviation and Uber Technologies. For some reason, UPS with their Matternet drones are not getting that same amount of attention in this article, even though they recently were awarded a Part 135 certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Drone Delivery Stories October 18, 2019

NPR: “It is increasingly likely that drone deliveries will soon take off”

Today, the NPR published a great article about drone deliveries that will soon take off. It talks about the drone deliveries that are taking place at the WakeMed Hospital Campus in partnership with UPS Flight Forward, using Matternet drones in Raleigh, NC. UPS recently was awarded a Part 135 certification from the FAA and the testing takes place as part of the UAS Integration Pilot Program. More testing with drone deliveries is taking place in Christiansburg, VA where Walgreens partners with FedEx and Wing Aviation.

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