Aerial paintings with DJI Mavic 2


Painting can be done in many unique ways. Here, the concept of “Spin Art” was done with the aid of a drone.

The past few months have been quite different from previous years, to say the least. However, a massive amount of creativity has come from that. New platforms like TikTok seem to thrive during these times with content that can bring a smile to your face.

Artists on these new platforms provide inspiration by sharing the things they do and love in a creative way. That inspiration can come in the form of an idea, or them going out and taking action. In this case, there has been a real spread of creativity taking place in 2020.

Meet the artist

Martin Sanchez is a leader in the creative space. He’s always coming up with new, unique ideas that he executes with his drone. With a background in design and a love for photography, he produces clean and minimal work.

During the past few months, Sanchez has been busy experimenting with some new work. Painting… while using the drone to capture the creative process. This new form of “Spin Art” is explained more below. Essentially, his idea was to show a top-down perspective of the paint patterns as the canvas was being spun on the drill.

The concept: painting with Mavic 2

The concept was to attach a canvas to a drill bit, then use the drill to spin the canvas. While the canvas is spinning, Sanchez would drip paint on top. As the paint hits the fast-spinning canvas, unique designs are created. By layering multiple colors and applying new patterns, he achieved some pretty cool results.

For one of the paintings, he wanted to actually use the drone to create the image on the canvas. By mounting the paint bottle upside down to the drone and uncapping it, he was able to achieve that. At the end, Sanchez topped it off with a custom pattern and continued to spin away (bottom right.)

DroneDJ’s Take

This was a fun concept to share with the drone community. Drone photography and video is an art in itself. However, creating a painting with the drone is also pretty cool! I personally look forward to seeing what else Sanchez will be up to in the future. He may very well master showing the behind-the-scenes of the creative process.

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