FoxFury announces new lighting system for Matrice 300 drone

FoxFury lighting Matrice 300

Lighting company FoxFury has just announced its new line of lighting mounts designed for the new DJI Matrice 300 and older Matrice 210 drones. The new system will allow the previously mentioned drones to perform low light inspections and search and rescue operations.

The new mounts will allow FoxFury’s line of Rugo lights to be equipped to DJI’s Matrice 300 and 210 commercial drones. The inclusion of the lights on the drones will allow them to meet the night flight requirements for ant-collision lighting.

Along with the new mounts, FoxFury has also released a new set of colored lenses that allow the lights to be used for navigational purposes. The colors include red, green, and blue.

The Rugo light comes in four versions to suit specific use cases. Rugo R1 is recommended for search and rescue, inspections, and other commercial uses with a 70 to 700 lumens beam that can go up to 100 feet. The R1S is designed for drone visibility with its added strobe function, along with the rest of the features from the R1.

The RC is made for photography and videography with a color temperature of 5700K to provide the subject with more accurate lighting. The final RCS model takes the features from the above-mentioned RC model and adds the strobe functionality like thee R1S does.

The lights can last for one to over six and a half hours and can be recharged or swapped out using FoxFury’s Quick Swap modules. When you aren’t flying, the lights can be attached to DSLRs and action cameras or be used as an external light for interviews and other video or photo projects.

Mario Cugini, FoxFury CEO said:

“These new and improved lighting mounts and color lenses will help public safety professionals better perform nighttime operations and inspections.”

FoxFury recently partnered with Autel Robotics to produce a custom lighting system for the EVO 2 series. Autel decided to work with FoxFury is an industry leader and its lighting systems are “Made in USA”, which means it can be marketed to those that are wanting extra peace of mind.

Photo: FoxFury

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