SkySkopes named the No. 1 US drone operator

SkySkopes number one US drone

Drone services provider SkySkopes has just been announced as the No. 1 US drone operator by market analyst Drone Industry Insights. The company was also named as being one of the best drone companies in the world.

SkyScopes was excited about the announcement that came earlier this month and sharing it all over its social media accounts. SkySkopes CEO Matt Dunlevy was also excited by the news and said:

I’m truly delighted by Drone Industry Insights’ stratification of SkySkopes as the top DSP in the US. It validates our safety-based approach to the UAS business model and stands as a testament to the incredible professionalism demonstrated by our pilots and staff every day. I’d have to say this ranking is also born out of the extremely rich UAS ecosystem in North Dakota.

Being based out of North Dakota, SkyScopes has been able to benefit from the Northern Plains UAS Test Site (NPUASTS) specifically designed to test out various drone systems and create safety rules and regulations for use in the future. The test site aims to introduce drones into the airspace without negatively impacting other manned aircraft.

Drone Industry Insights CEO Kay Wackwitz said:

North America is the second-largest drone market today and will grow to nearly $12 billion USD
in 2025. This being said, we congratulate SkySkopes to be the leading drone service provider in the USA, constantly pushing the envelope and therewith the entire market forward.

SkySkopes is a drone services provider headquartered out of Grand Forks, with five other offices spread over the United States. SkyScopes focuses on servicing energy clients.

The company performs optical gas imaging (OGI) inspections to monitor and track gas emissions. LiDAR mapping and asset inspections are the other two major services the company offers, allowing customers to map assets and inspect them faster and at a cheaper rate than manned aircraft.

Photo: SkySkopes

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