Construction drone industry to be worth $11.96 billion by 2027

Construction drone industry 2027

According to the Allied Market Research report, the global construction drone industry will be worth an estimated $11.96 billion by 2027. The popularity of drones on the job site is forever increasing, thanks to the growing demand for residential and non-residential developments. It is also expected that government infrastructure will help increase the number of drones in the air.

Last year, the construction drone industry brought in around $4.8 billion globally thanks to an ever-growing reliance on drone technology on construction sites.

The jump to $11.96 billion in 2027 equates to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 15%.

The $11.96 billion estimate is believed to be due to the rise in construction worldwide and increased government infrastructure.

On the other hand, the low number of skilled workers and high upfront costs for drone technology will continue to slow the growth. However, the high upfront costs are expected to decrease each year thanks to technological advancements and production being done in higher volumes.

Of course, we can’t look at future predictions without mentioning the global pandemic. COVID has caused a massive slowdown in the production of construction drones and accessories, which has seen a decrease in the number of drones being purchased due to fewer jobs. With restrictions slowly being eased worldwide, construction and infrastructure projects are kicking off again, resulting in more drone technology demand.

Drones and construction

Land surveying continues to be the biggest use for drones on construction sites, providing accurate results in a fraction of the time ground-based methods. Drones are also used for inspection purposes to ensure areas are safe for workers and check to see if the workers are doing a good job.

A drone can provide the construction company with an accurate 3D model of the construction site on a day-to-day basis to show the progress that’s being made. The aerial view a drone offers can also pick up issues that you might not see from the ground, and it makes roof inspections a much easier task.

Photo: 3D Robotics

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