Skydio releases slick X2D promo for upcoming video series

Skydio X2D

When Skydio announced its forthcoming X2D drone earlier this year, we were impressed with how badass that thing looked. It was obvious from the design, specs, and literature that this was intended for First Responders, Enterprise users, and even the military. Now, Skydio has released a new video showing the X2D at home in a military environment – and teasing that a new video series is on the way.

We were pretty impressed when we first got a glimpse of the X2D. The drone was promoted as being perfect for short-range reconnaissance missions for the US Army, as well as Search & Rescue operations and security patrol missions. The X2D incorporates the AI that has helped build the Skydio reputation, and it’s capable of keeping an eye on up to 10 objects all at once. Preliminary specifications indicate the drone will have a range of up to 10 kilometers. It carries seven 4K cameras and can wrap the information from all of them into a single 360 image – allowing for at-a-glance situational awareness.

Skydio certainly got our attention with its announcement of the X2D.

Blue sUAS

The US military’s Defense Innovation Unit has selected the Skydio X2 for its “Blue sUAS” list. Here’s what that means:

The Blue sUAS project developed trusted small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) for the broader Department of Defense and Federal Government partners. This effort builds upon the U.S. Army’s sUAS program of record, Short Range Reconnaissance (SRR), for an inexpensive, rucksack portable, vertical take-off and landing sUAS. Blue sUAS systems share the SRR air vehicles’ capabilities but integrate a vendor-provided ground control system. 

Defense Innovation Unit website
The Skydio X2/X2D


Here are some of the basic specifications the DIU was looking for in determining its list of approved drones:

Required specs listed on the Blue sUAS page

And here are the specs from Skydio:

Skydio X2D Spec Sheet

X2 video

At the time the X2D was released, Skydio shared this video. It’s worth having a look back, as it recaps some of the drone’s features (and features a soundtrack guaranteed to hypnotize you):

Now? A new video

The X2 series was announced with a release date of Q4 2020, so we were expecting to hear a little more about Skydio’s new drone. Today, November 11, we got it: A new vid which shows the X2D being put through its paces in what appears to be a training facility. It’s a cool video, and it points to a new series of videos on its way:

For the American drone that was selected for service by the Department of Defense, comes an episodic web video series filmed by, with, and for the American warfighter. Produced with the participation of veterans from all four branches of the Department of Defense, all of which are part of the Skydio family, X2D: Ready for Duty, tells the story of a team of fictional warfighters as they face six different missions, and highlights what happens when the ingenuity and courage of the American soldier are finally complemented by an intelligent drone capable of becoming the warfighter’s trusted teammate.

Skydio, via YouTube Description

Here it is…

Here’s the promo video:


We look forward to seeing the series; sounds like a clever way to illustrate the X2D’s features.

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