Fortem Technologies announces its government advisory board

Fortem Technologies government advisory board

Counter drone company Fortem Technologies has announced the formation of its government advisory board with ex-military, intelligence, and federal government executives across civilian, defense, and intelligence sectors.

The advisory board has been set up by Fortem Technologies to advance the work and better focus on its goal of working with the US government and its allies.

Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies, said:

The board will be made up of the following people: Bruce Lemkin, Kevin Meiners, Lynn Wright, Terry Ryan, Rose Mooney, Gene Colabatistto, Maryam Rhamni, Marshall Wright, and David Redl.

We are excited to work with these esteemed advisers. The security of our venues, campuses, military bases, and cities is key to supporting a bright future in a world of autonomous robots.

Fortem Technologies has three main products. It’s TrueView Rader that detects and calculates the location and trajectory of hundreds of drones quickly and accurately, and The SkyDome Manager that allows users to track and watch over the airspace being protected by the radar.

The final product is the DroneHunter, a drone equipped with a net used to catch and take down rogue drones in the area. So far, the DroneHunter has over 4,000 captures and integrates with the radar system to find drones.

You can learn more about the board members below:

  • Bruce Lemkin, former deputy under secretary of the Air Force, international affairs. As deputy under secretary, he was charged with meeting US national security objectives through building relationships with foreign air forces and was responsible for developing interoperable aerospace capabilities with allied and partner countries around the world. 
  • Kevin Meiners, Former deputy director of national intelligence for enterprise capacity. Kevin was the deputy director of national intelligence while working in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). His 34-year career also included the role of director of advanced technology within the Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office (DARO), where he oversaw the development of early unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) programs, and as the director of ISR Systems within the assistant secretary of defense for Command, Control, and Communications (ASD/C3I). 
  • Lynn Wright, Former deputy director of naval intelligence. Lynn recently completed a 34-year career as a civilian intelligence professional. She has expertise in naval and military intelligence issues, technical and human collection operations, and organizational leadership. 
  • Terry Ryan, Former CEO of Tenax Aerospace, Mercury Federal Systems and Adroit Systems; director intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems, DoD; deputy director, Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office; professional staff member Senate and House Select Committees on Intelligence; USMC infantry commander.
  • Rose Mooney, technical and FAA policy expert on drones; former executive director Mid-Atlantic Aviation. Rose Mooney has been working in the UAS industry for over 15 years and served as an adviser to NASA on UAS.
  • Gene Colabatistto, current president/CEO of General Aerospace Company. Gene recently retired from his position as the president, CAE Defense & Security. He previously held executive positions at SAIC, Space Imaging, SPOT Image, and Veridian. Former president, CA Defense & Security, ​executive positions at SAIC.
  • Maryam Rhamni, MS in Cybersecurity Policy. Maryam serves on the board of the Society of High-Performance Computing Professionals. She has worked in several critical infrastructure sectors and is the current Forum co-chair for the IEEE Women in Engineering.
  • Marshall Wright, Former director of business development for the Utah Governor’s Office for Economic Development. 
  • David Redl, Former administrator, department of commerce, NTIA. Primary adviser on telecom policy, including broadband access and spectrum. Fostered the private sector’s lead in 5G deployment.

Photo: Fortem Technologies

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