Tilta partners with DJI on RS 2 filmmaking accessories

Tilta accessories DJI RS 2

Tilta has partnered with DJI to release its DJI RS 2 gimbal accessories line, making it the go-to filmmaking tool for everyone. The new accessories include remote controllers, grips, handles, cable camera, and a mounted arm.

DJI gave Tilta permission to use the development protocols required to talk to the gimbal and control it. This is via the two multi-pin interfaces found on either side of the gimbal and likely the Bluetooth connection.

The accessories

Hydra Alien car mounting system

The first accessory on the list is the Hydra Alien car mounting system. This allows the DJI RS 2 to be mounted to any car with a new small footprint, allowing for all sorts of smaller vehicles to carry the gimbal. The system uses three large suction cups to mount and allows you to get fast-paced low angles once only possible from Hollywood-level camera cars.

Hydra motorized slider

The Hydra motorized slider can be used with the Hydra Alien car mounting system and allows you to get smooth sliding shots from a moving vehicle. It can also be used on tabletops as a more traditional slider and allows you to set the focus and zoom to recreate the same shot over and over again.

Handheld stabilizer

The DJI RS 2 can now be mounted to the company’s handheld stabilizer system that works similarly to a Steadicam. The RS 2 is equipped to the top of the stabilizer with the batteries at the bottom, allowing for a more even distribution of weight and even smoother footage.

Cable camera system

The cable camera system allows you to mount the DJI RS 2 to a cable that can then speed back and forth to create fast-paced shots wherever the cable runs. The RS 2 can travel up to 100 meters (328 feet) at 4 m/s with a maximum weight of 10 kilograms (22 pounds). The device can be used with a wireless controller, and it uses an ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system.

Rear operating handle

The rear operating handle connects to the rear of the gimbal and wirelessly controls video recording, photoshoot, follow focus (with Nucleus-M or Nucleus Nano), and more. The handle can also be used in high or low angle shooting modes.

Ring grip

The ring grip allows users to hold the DJI RS 2 gimbal with two hands for a more controlled experience. The advanced version of the ring grip gives you two controllers, a focus wheel, zoom control, and a few other buttons to control the gimbal. The ring also allows you to mount a battery to it for longer run times.

Dual handle

The dual handle is similar to the ring mount but forgoes the larger ring surrounding the gimbal. The handle uses the original DJI RS 2 gimbal handle and another handle to give you points to hold it. The mount also adds an extra battery to the gimbal, allowing for longer run times and more accessories to be used.

Remote controller

One of the accessories that can be used with many others is the remote controllers. There are currently two controllers available, one with a wheel for zoom and focus control and another with a joystick, mode button, record button, and custom button. Together these two controllers can replace the gimbal controller and let you use it wirelessly.

A range of smaller accessories can be purchased separately that can be used with current gear or added to the Tilta gear to add more accessories. All of the accessories are available to purchase right now, with the cable camera system available in December.

Along with accessories, you get a RS 2 protection package that includes a screen protector for the touchscreen and a protector for the gimbal body. You can head over to the Tilta website right now, where most accessories are on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Photo: Tilta

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