Check out this amazing FPV snocross video

Ever heard of snocross? Think motocross combined with snowmobiles. Now picture an FPV drone following the action.

I’d never heard of Snocross until today. The sport involves racing highly modded snowmobiles on a tight track. Like motocross, that track includes a number of jumps, tight corners, and other challenging features. The object? To go as fast as you can until you reach the finish line. The sleds in these races typically roll at up to 60 miles per hour (96 kph). When you’re bumping up and down and getting an astonishing level of wind chill – that’s fast.

These races also provide a satisfying challenge for an FPV pilot.

Watch this FPV video of a Snocross race

This video comes to us via Instagram. And it was posted by Justin Skinner of Dallas, aka itwillbefun.fpv. A quick search shows that Justin does a lot of FPV work, using a GoPro mounted on an FPV quad and using the DJI Digital FPV system.

Hopefully he had some gloves on while shooting this one, because it looks cold out!

Very cool. In fact, so cool it’s cold. But nice video!

The Snocross phenomenon

It actually looks like a pretty fun sport. Not surprisingly, there’s an @snocross account on Instagram. Here’s what one of those races looks like from ground level:

Man… that is fast

It’s always worth hanging around and exploring for a bit. Because there, under the @snocross account, we discovered a little sizzle reel from itwillbefun.fpv:

Very nice….

And finally, something warmer

We mentioned that Justin Skinner, the pilot who shot the FPV videos here, really likes to get out and shoot. So we thought it would be cool to have a quick look at one of his other posts. It’s a recorded stream from dirt track racing, which probably has some spiffy name like Dirtcross that we don’t know about.

What is beyond question, however, is that Justin knows what he’s doing behind the sticks. Just check out his work on this drone racing course:

Nice work, Justin Skinner!

And finally…

While exploring Justin’s work, we also happened upon this nice little piece shot last fall at the Crandon International Raceway.

Nice work, Justin!

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