DJI FPV drone battery photos spotted on Chinese social media

Well, it was about time for something new. And an image posted to Chinese social media shows what are allegedly batteries for DJI’s forthcoming FPV drone.

A lot of us have been waiting for this thing. Leaks have been appearing for a few months now, with tremendous interest in this product. DJI never acknowledges products that are in the pipeline until they’re officially released. And so the leaks keep coming. The latest thing to surface are images of its battery.

Let’s take a look.

Leaked photos of the DJI FPV drone battery

We first saw an image on Weibo, a Chinese social media channel. The post said, basically, the drone hasn’t been released, but you can already buy batteries, indicating they may have been photographed in a retail setting – though it’s impossible to tell from the photo:

The design makes sense and aligns with previous photos.

The photo shows two batteries with clear DJI branding. The images also show rubberized electrical connectors that would clearly mate with the drone. We can theorize that these plugs might be removable, and that a charging port lies beneath the spot marked “DJI” on the battery at the right. That same battery also reveals four LEDs to indicate power, as well as a button to tap to check levels.

A video of DJI’s FPV battery

Around the same time that image was posted, reliable DJI leaker @OsitaLV was keeping us up-to-date on Twitter. He had a video:

Video of the DJI FPV battery

The video shows that the battery appears to be surrounded by a ruggedized casing, which would make sense. Even with the flight modes this ships with, there are going to be crashes.

And more and more and more photos

@OsitaLV also posted more photos of the product. The first is the same image we saw on Weibo:

Wait, there’s more!

And there is:

No shortage of battery pics here!

What’s next?

Well, hopefully a release date. We don’t think there’s any way this product will be released prior to the Chinese New Year, which basically shuts down the country for a couple of weeks.

Our best educated guess is that this product will hit the market toward the end of February.

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