New product a ‘Streaming Revolution’ for drone pilots

A new, device-agnostic live-streaming platform has been released, with drone operators one of its target markets. The concept? To create a secure live stream from the air that can be privately shared.

Let’s say you’re a commercial drone operator heading out for an inspection job. You think you know what the job entails, so you fly your mission and head back to the office. You pull out your micro-SD card and pop it into your laptop. You go and show the data to your supervisor. They’re not happy. Apparently you didn’t get close enough to your subject. The supervisor turns to you and whispers those three little words:

“Do it again.”

Secure streaming

Of course, most platforms are capable of streaming to social media. You can stream live to YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms from many drones these days. But what if you wanted a secure, private link? Well, you can see how that would be useful, especially for first responders who want to share a link with other decision-makers. That, according to the news release, is a large part of the concept behind AMITOLA’s “Streaming Revolution.”

AMITOLA, LLC is officially launching their live-streaming platform ‘Streaming Revolution’ to drone pilots and smart camera users for secure and private viewing of live video streams enabling in-field users to stream live video to private viewers in real-time, be they mission control, dispatch office, remote / satellite team members, or more. Additionally clients can view their past streams in a secure environment meeting government level security requirements if required.


Deeper details

AMITOLA partnered with Sinclair College on the project. That’s the home of the Sinclair National UAS Testing and Certification Center. Together, they tested the product on a variety of commercial and experimental drones, including:

  • DJI Phantom 4 V1 & 2
  • DJI Matrice
  • DJI Mavic
  • Yuneec Typhoon, Yuneec H520
  • Parrot Beebop, Parrot ANAFI
  • Lockhead Martin Indago
  • Autel Evo I and II

Platform agnostic

The platform should work with pretty much any drone that streams to a connected device. And that’s not all:

Streaming Revolution works with any wifi/cellular enabled device and supports streaming from
drones, action cameras, and more while also supporting live screen-share from Tablets and
Mobile devices. Together, these features will allow drone pilots and other field operators to
live-stream flights and display data from any device for more efficient operations and BVLOS


You can try the software for free for two weeks, via the Streaming Revolution website. Pricing, from its website, is as follows:

We can certainly see the utility of this for many first responders and enterprise applications. AMITOLA has also partnered with T-Mobile on the project, offering data plans to its users. As you can imagine, streaming over time will chew up a lot of data.

But, if it helps decision-makers and others down the line… it’s absolutely worth it.

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