First responders Stories January 12

Romeo Durscher, who for years was the public safety face of DJI, has been hired by Auterion. The company is an open-source drone software platform, and Durscher will be the new vice-president of public safety. He brings a wealth of experience to the company, as well as an outstanding reputation amongst First Responders.

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First responders Stories December 17, 2020

Public safety drone consultancy Skyfire has announced its brand-new drone as part of a first responder (DFR) program for public safety agencies and first responders. The program aims to reduce response times, provide situational awareness, and increase efficiency.

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First responders Stories November 9, 2020

A recent study performed by The ResponDrone Project found that most people are unaware that first responders are using drones. The group held focus groups in six European countries, with people sharing that they believed drones are mostly used by the military, content creators, and sold as toys.

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First responders Stories May 20, 2020

Fotokite already offers a clever response to two challenges for deploying drones: limited battery life and the need for a certified pilot. And now it’s tackling a third challenge with its new product: How to deploy a drone as quickly as possible in a first responder situation. expand full story

First responders Stories March 5, 2020

Impossible Aerospace has launched its latest product, Air Support, a new service aimed at helping first responders respond to emergencies using a fleet of Impossible US-1 drones located on the roofs of various buildings. Air Support will allow cities to respond to emergencies 10 times faster and allows crucial information to get to first responders before arriving on the scene.

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First responders Stories December 3, 2019

Remember the modified DJI Mavic 2 Zoom with the FLIR Boson thermal camera, that we covered earlier this year? Well, that was a prototype said Sheldon Holy from UK-based Drone Doctor and now also Revolve Drones. Now they’re back with a new and production ready version, the Revolve Thermal MK.III. The Boson 320 sensor has double the resolution of the sensor in the Mavic 2 Dual (320×240 resolution vs. 160×120), and a much narrower field of view (34° vs 57°). This allows the MK.III to detect a given heat signature at up to five times the distance that the Mavic 2 Dual is capable of, according to Revolve Drones. Keep reading for all the details but this may very well be the best drone for first responders right now, although it seems that new competition may be around the corner with the new Evo Autel 2 and Skydio 2 drones.

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