Oh, to be in Venice – and be able to fly FPV like this [Video]

We’ve never been to Venice, and from what we’ve been reading, now is the perfect time for a trip. The hordes of tourists normally clogging the city are a faint whisper of their pre-pandemic presence, meaning you really get to enjoy the beauty of Venice without all the distractions. Sounds perfect for a First-Person-View flight.

We’ve been following Gianmarco Gabriele for some time on Instagram. He’s an amazing pilot and always has his eyes out for really interesting places to fly. And, well, because he appears to live in Italy, there’s never a shortage of locations.

But this is the first time we’ve noticed him flying in Venice, and this is quite a spectacular flight.


In addition to the locations Gianmarco chooses, his flying style is often (depending on the subject) incredibly smooth. It’s like he’s inviting you to tag along on a little exploratory tour, with the vista unfolding as he flies.

And that’s exactly what we love about this one from Venice:


But, as we mentioned, Gianmarco isn’t a one-trick pony. Check out this flight from the Piazza San Marco. Not only does he get an amazing dive in, but his recovery is liquid smooth. We’re not sure what he’s flying here, but he’s tagged some folks from BETAFPV, which makes some pretty awesome smaller Cine-Whoops and twigs:

Wait, there’s more!

We kinda like the Rule of Threes…so here’s a third. Once again, it’s stunningly smooth:

One more thing: Gianmarco also flies with a crew known as @dirtyseagullsfpv. That group is worth a follow, as well (of course) as Gianmarco.

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