Drone videography Stories June 1

An epic video shot using an FPV drone takes us on a short journey to meet the artists who are apart of AWAL (A World Artists Love), a record label for artists big and small. The video is a great showcase of an FPV drone being used to its full advantage, weaving its way through tight spaces other cameras wouldn’t be able to go through.

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Drone videography Stories May 28

Drone footage is becoming increasingly popular all around the world. With all the different drones available, I want to go over a few reasons why the DJI Inspire 2 is superior to many other models on the market today for professional photography and cinematography.

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Drone videography Stories May 8

It is almost every drone pilot’s dream to travel the world to shoot whatever they’d like. Boyan Ortse has had the opportunity to work with many different people and brands and that has allowed him to travel all over the world. It is amazing to see all he has captured with a drone and some other equipment while he is on these adventures.

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Drone videography Stories April 30

Drones are often called “flying cameras,” and many drone operators consider themselves to be photographers. Now an arbitrator in a Hollywood labor dispute has agreed, granting drone photographers on a TV show the same rights as other photography professionals.

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Drone videography Stories April 7

We’ve all tried to get that perfect drone shot to only get back to the computer to edit it and find ourselves having accidentally ruined the shot due to sudden movement on the stick. Andrew Murphy has shared a quick tip to fix this and save those drone shots you once thought were ruined forever.

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Drone videography Stories May 5, 2019

The iFlight CineBee 75HD ($179) is what is known as a cinewhoop drone. Cinewhoops are rapidly becoming popular because you can fly them first-person view and record HD video without having to add an additional camera. The Cinebee is small, only 75 mm from motor to motor so you can capture HD footage with it that would be impossible with a larger drone. expand full story

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