This child FPV pilot from Thailand is awesome

Six-year-old FPV pilot Thailand

Every once in a while, as you know, intriguing drone videos catch our eye. But this child FPV pilot from Thailand? Well, he’s an inspiration.

We’ve written before about exceptionally young pilots. One of those featured was a 4-year-old child (under a parent’s supervision) flying the DJI FPV drone. It’s so simple to fly in basic mode that, yes, even a child can fly it, with some instruction.

But it’s another world when we get to freestyle First-Person-View.

Child FPV pilot from Thailand

On YouTube, this 6-year-old FPV drone pilot in Thailand goes by the name Pepper FPV. His real name is Woravit Subsri, and – just being honest – we wondered initially if the video might be faked.

Nope. Woravit Subsri is indeed an FPV pilot. In fact, he’s a member of the XBlades Racing team:

There he is!

Serious skilz

This kid knows what he’s doing. All you have to do is watch:

Learning FPV

That task, for many of us, isn’t a slam-dunk. Quads react quickly to inputs, and most First-Person-View pilots go through a lot of crashes. We don’t know how handy Woravit is with a soldering gun, or if one of his parents or a mentor is helping him with builds (and Betaflight, etc.).

But you know what? It doesn’t matter. This kid knows how to fly; there’s a ton of control exhibited in this other video from his channel:

Do you want to fly like this?

If you’re new to the FPV world, this kid is an inspiration. But we also recommend spending some deep time on a simulator before putting a quad up in the air. One of our favorite pilots, @nikofilmz, told us he spent 60 hours on a simulator before he ever tried to fly. And man, can he fly now. While this isn’t a freestyle vid, Nikolay specializes in getting up close and personal with BASE jumpers (he does the sport), aircraft, and – as you’ll see shortly – people swinging from a rope out and over water. That takes skill:

DroneDJ’s Take

Remember: The child piloting in Thailand is a mere 6 years old – and is producing pretty awesome FPV vids. This kid’s skills are hugely impressive, and hopefully will serve as an inspiration to those getting into First Person View flight.

It’s not an easy path, but – as most FPV pilots would tell you – it’s definitely worth it. Just be sure you hit up a simulator (for hours and hours), unless budget isn’t an issue.

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