Tales of d’oh! Another drone delivery of prison contraband fails miserably

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There’s debate about just how interested in and entertained readers are by the lengthening litany of stupendously ill-advised efforts using drones for contraband deliveries to prisons – and their frequently shared destiny to fail as resoundingly as many indeed do. But this week’s addition is such a sure-fire, first ballot inductee to the “Not Very Sharp Aerial Felons’ Hall of Fame” that we feel duty-bound to give it the attention it so richly deserves.

A Georgia man was arrested Sunday morning by police in Washington County on suspicion of flying his drone to make a contraband delivery to the nearby state prison. And just what evidence did law enforcement officials claim they had in charging the until-proven-guilty suspect? 

His loot-stuffed UAV landed on their patrol car as they investigated his suspicious presence in the area.

The 28-year-old suspect and other individuals were spotted near the jail in the early hours of Sunday, provoking a request for deputies to investigate. After arriving in the area, the officers began doing just that – only to observe the contraband-laden drone hover down and land on the roof of their car. The most likely explanation offered by experts is the craft ran into the prison’s geofencing system, and went down there and then.

So much for happy landings.

Reports say the accused now risks becoming a resident in that very same penitentiary if convicted on charges filed for conspiracy to provide prohibited items to inmates; conspiracy to cross guard lines with drugs; and conspiracy possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Mercifully, no mention was made of conspiracies about vaccines or election tampering – though prosecutors say further charges may be forthcoming.

Photos of contraband taken off the would-be prison delivery drone also included mobile phones, lighters, and small bottles of either booze or medicine. If convicted, the accused may wish he still had some of that loot to while away what may be many, many months behind bars.

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