This nontraditional Cleo Robotics indoor drone is now available to buy

Cleo Robotics indoor drone

Cleo Robotics is announcing that its palm-fitting Dronut X1 drone, which is designed specifically for indoor operations, is now available to buy commercially. A ducted fan design gives the Dronut its unconventional looks and allows it to fly comfortably near people, in tight spaces, and around sensitive equipment.

To achieve flight stability, this indoor drone uses a thrust vectoring technology that has been patented by Cleo Robotics. The Dronut X1 also comes equipped with some of the best autonomous navigation technologies, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon and a suite of sensors including LiDAR-powered obstacle detection for operations in GPS-denied environments.

With its propellers completely enclosed, the rugged and portable X1 is made out of carbon fiber composite materials, allowing it to safely bounce off objects and people. This makes the drone ideal for autonomous industrial inspections (tanks, pressure vessels, crawl spaces, etc.) and construction monitoring.

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Meanwhile, Cleo Robotics says the drone can also be used as a surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) solution by defense customers. Even law enforcement agencies can benefit from an intelligent indoor drone that can scout areas in advance of deploying officers into high-risk situations. For facility security, the drone can act as a flying surveillance camera.

Weighing less than a pound and measuring only 6.5 inches in diameter, Cleo Robotics stresses its Dronut X1 is the first professional-grade, collision-tolerant, safe-to-touch, intelligent indoor drone that carries advanced payloads and can come in direct contact with people without risk of harm. It can also operate in low-light conditions.

As Omar Eleryan, founder and CEO, Cleo Robotics, sums up:

Built to solve what had been thought of as unsolvable technical challenges with ducted fan aerial vehicles, we developed and tested the Dronut platform through rigorous and innovative engineering. We are excited to see the impact that the Dronut X1 will have on the industries that it is designed to serve. Having worked in the oil industry, I experienced the dangers and costs associated with confined space inspections. The Dronut X1 is the solution that removes the need to risk humans’ safety on the job.

You can buy the Dronut X1 here for $9,800.

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