ASKA invites CES 2022 visitors to strap into its Drive and Fly cockpit

ASKA Drive and Fly

Anyone who dreams of what it will be like to throw a few switches in their car that enable it to take off into the skies should probably swing by stand 3535 LVCC at next month’s CES 2022 tech conference in Las Vegas, where they can get an immersive cockpit preview of the ASKA Drive and Fly vehicle.

Silicon Valley startup ASKA is inviting all interested visitors to stop by its CES 2022 stand and get a glimpse and feel of combined road-air travel of the future by settling in behind the commands of its electric vertical takeoff and landing Drive and Fly. The company says it has assembled a full-size concept model of the cockpit and dashboard that will offer people a fully simulated experience of the car-aircraft (or aircraft-car, if that’s their preference). The company calls the creation of the prototype module a technological milestone in the air mobility sector, one it feels significantly advances its efforts to create a dually functional land and air vehicle.

“We are incredibly excited to share this major innovation with the world and to finally be able to turn our dream of air mobility from a vision into something people can see, feel and touch,” says ASKA co-founder and CEO Guy Kaplinsky. “We know this is the future of travel and today we’ve come one step closer to achieving that goal.”

As DroneDJ noted in covering the Drive and Fly vehicle’s introduction in April, ASKA is working to create a complete prototype of the craft for demonstration flights sometime in 2022. It plans to begin marketing the road-air vehicle in 2026, pending certification and other administrative clearances. 

ASKA’s four-seat Drive and Fly is designed to navigate roadways with its wings and rotors folded above the roof, then expands those horizontally for either vertical or short-space takeoff and landing. Its maximal flight range will be 250 miles, and “driving” the craft through the sky will require a pilot’s license – and $729,000 to buy it. 

Need to take a test drive to see if that kind of investment is right for you? ASKA urges potential buyers and browsers alike to stop by its CES 2022 stand and immerse themselves within the concept model, which features:

– Simulator for drive and fly with a joystick to fly, a steering wheel to drive

– Intuitive controls to operate the vehicle

– 55-inch dashboard with glass display, providing the visual data that pilots will see as they travel

– Cameras offering 360 vision for driving, including an overhead camera for looking up during vertical takeoff, and a landing camera for looking downward during descent

– ASKA™’s beautiful, ergonomic design, with a spacious open feel to the cockpit

– Pilot panel with a vivid, graphical interface for navigational display

– Console with vehicle functions, climate control, and a design that minimizes distractions

– Operating features such as light control gauge, driving gauge, altitude, tire pressure, battery status, fuel status, and alerts

– Multimedia display for radio, music, and video.

Maki Kaplinsky, ASKA co-founder and Chair/COO, says that people yearning for the day when ground and air travel will be possible in the same vehicle will definitely want to buckle into the Drive and Fly cockpit.

“Anyone who is passionate about the technology that will change our lives in the years ahead should come to our stand and see what that future looks like. “

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