Skydio announces the Skydio 2+ with more range and longer flight time

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While the company pulled out last minute from the CES show, Skydio still announced its refresh to its flagship drone, named the Skydio 2+. It’s not a full successor, but it improves the drone’s range and battery life.

The original Skydio 2 came out back in 2019, so an update to the company’s more commercially driven product is welcomed. While we do not see a major upgrade from the previous version, the Skydio 2+ brings welcome improvements that pilots might want to jump on. Skydio’s drones don’t quite have the specs or the flight dynamics and portability of DJI’s flagship drones but Skydios AI is far superior in follow technology.

2x the range through with new 5G wifi attennas

The overall design of the drone hasn’t changed from its previous model. You will also get the same 4k 60fps camera on the front, but the range has been extended. The new visible features on the Skydio 2+ are two collapsable 5G antennas on the front arms. This is what will give it nearly two times the range as the original Skydio 2 — now six kilometers (3.73 miles for those who need the conversion).

This six-kilometer range is available when you use the Skydio controller. There’s also a new Beacon for tracking footage. Named – you guessed it – the Skydio 2+ Beacon, it also gets a boost in range up to three kilometers (1.86 miles).

20% longer flight time with new extended battery

The Skydio 2+ also comes with a new extended battery that will give it an extra four minutes of flight time. While it’s not a huge improvement, any added flight time will mean fewer battery swaps and more productivity while flying. Pair the longer battery time with Skydio 2+’s new KeyFrame feature, and you will want to fly this drone way more than before.

Skydio 2+ pricing

The Skydio 2+ will come in starting at $1,099, and Weill have combo kits similar to the original’s to be available for purchase. This brings the price of the company’s drone down $250 from the original Skydio 2 ticket price, although it’s up from the recent Skydio 2 sale price starting at $949. Below are the prices on the different Skydio 2+ kits.

  • Starter kit: $1,099
  • Sports kit: $1,549
  • Cinema kit: $1,949
  • Professional kit: $2,169
Skydio 2+ Cinema kit

Skydio also announced the addition of the Skydio Care protection program for your investment. Paired with the new KeyFrame technology, this is a solid offering for cinematographers or surveyors looking to up their drone game.

Are you excited about the Skydio 2+? Let us know in the description below if you will be purchasing one or wish to.

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