Unboxing the Autel Nano+ and Lite+ Premium Bundles and first thoughts

Autel Robotics put its much anticipated Nano and Lite series drones for sale earlier this year. As units are starting to get into the hands of buyers, here’s a look at what the premium bundles of each drone looks like and our initial thoughts.

What comes in Autel’s Premium Bundles?

Autel has a bundle (similar to DJI’s Fly More package) that includes extra batteries, propellers, and a multi-battery charger. Below is a list of what you get if you buy an Autel bundle:

EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle

  • 1 EVO Lite+ aircraft
  • 1 controller
  • 1 battery power adapter
  • 1* battery multi charger
  • 2* spare batteries
  • 1 USB-C charging caple (Type A to Type C)
  • 1 of each: phone connector (USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB)
  • 1* ND-filters (4, 8, 16, and 32 stops)
  • 1* shoulder bag
  • 3* (one with standard bundle) spare propellers

EVO Nano+ Premium Bundle

  • 1 EVO Nano+ aircraft
  • 1 controller
  • 1* USB-A / USB-C combo wall plug
  • 1* battery multi charger
  • 2* spare batteries
  • 1 USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  • 1 of each: phone connector (USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB)
  • 1* shoulder bag
  • 3* (one with standard bundle) spare propellers
  • 8 spare screws
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1* strap for drone to hold down propellers

* Premium bundle only

The shoulder bag

Both bundles come with a nice shoulder bag that can hold the drone and its accessories. In comparison, neither is as nice as DJI’s convertible carrying case for the Mavic 3, but they get the job done, and the quality is great.

When you order the premium bundles, the shoulder bags come prepacked with everything included. With everything packed, the bag still has a little bit of space for a few extra batteries or even a spare phone. If you don’t have a dedicated bag or case for carrying your drones, these will work perfectly and double as a nice home for the drones when not in use.

Autel’s new smartphone controller

Personally, I raved about how nice the controller was when I visited Autel’s booth at CES. Now that I’ve had the chance to hold on to it for a much longer time, I stand by most of my statements about the controller. The ergonomics are great, not too heavy. The joysticks are not the best but are on par with other controllers I’ve held.

I do find some trouble finding the perfect spot to place my phone in the holder to not have the volume or power button pinned down. Usually, this means having my phone off center, making for some awkward weight distribution. Also, it would be nice to be able to change the angle of the screen without having to change the angle of my wrists. Overall it’s a good controller for the entry-level Nano, however, I hope the professional controller will make its way over to the Lite.

Multi-charger solutions

Each bundle from Autel comes with strips that allow you to plug in three batteries each. While these are not a professional solution to battery charging, they work great for the average consumer. Similar to DJI’s multi-chargers, they only charge one battery at a time, which for me works just fine. I don’t blow through batteries quickly, and I usually stop flying once I run out of juice. But for the professionals out there, you might want to wait for a third-party solution to charge multiple batteries at once.

Cords and other accessories

With Autel’s Premium Bundles you will get all the cords you need to connect your drone and controller to other devices. Except for the Lite battery multi-charger, Autel seems to have standardized its products with USB-C everywhere. This is nice because it will be easy to find replacement cables in case you lose any.

One of the nicer quality-of-life additions are extra USB-A ports for both the Nano and Lite chargers. Both power bricks sport a USB-A port for charging additional electronics. Autel could have easily not added these ports, but we’re glad they did.

Overall, Autel’s Premium Bundles look to be a great choice if you want to build out your kit quickly – especially since most of the accessories seem to be unavailable for now on Autel’s store.

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