Autel Robotics Stories May 22

The Autel Robotics vs. DJI patent is the drone world’s equivalent of Apple vs. Samsung—an intellectual property suit that threatens to shut down the import of tech products into the US. Autel scored a small victory last week, with a preliminary ruling in its favor, but the case is long from over. expand full story

We are almost halfway into the year which has already had some significant new drone releases. How do these new drones compare to other hot models on the market? Let’s take a look at the latest offerings from DJI, Autel Robotics, and Skydio along with some models that are still going strong to identify the best consumer drones you can buy.

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Autel Robotics Stories May 18

Autel Robotics has won a patent dispute against drone giant DJI at the US International Trade Commission (ITC) last month after a judge found DJI violated Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 by selling drones that infringe US Patent No. 9, 260,184, which is owned by Autel Robotics.

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Autel Robotics Stories April 8

After months of rumors, leaks, and CES 2020 back in January, we have a few drones we can’t wait to come out, including upcoming models from DJI, Autel Robotics, and PowerVision. Let’s take a look at the new drones and why we are so excited to start flying them.

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Autel Robotics Stories March 3

We know that ZeroZero Robotics and DJI have had to close their offices as a result of the Coronavirus spreading in China. The assumption was that other drone manufacturers such as Autel Robotics would have been impacted as well and that as a result the Autel EVO II might be delayed.

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Autel Robotics Stories January 9

Yesterday morning we got up early and instead of going back to CES, Paul from Drone U and I went to an area right outside the controlled airspace of Las Vegas to fly the all-new Autel EVO 2 with the 8K camera. Here are our first impressions. Keep in mind that we were flying this foldable quadcopter with a beta version of the app. Autel Robotics told us that they will keep updating both the software and firmware before launching this drone by the end of January for $1,445. expand full story

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