DroneDJ Weekly: DJI responds to Mavic 3 GPS issues, Mini 3 video leaks, and more

This week we saw more rumors of the upcoming Mini 3 drone and, finally, a response from DJI over the Mavic 3 GPS issues. We also got a look at Autel’s Dynamic Tracking on the Lite+. Catch up on the top drone news below.

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The Buzz Podcast 19: Drone April Fool’s Day pranks, another Mini 3 leak, and more

Join Yifei and Seth for this week’s weekly round-up of news from the drone industry. Each week they discuss the top stories and pick a drone video of the week.

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Autel’s Dynamic Tracking on the Lite+ is here but it might not be ready

Last week Autel released new firmware for its Nano and Lite series drones. One of the most anticipated features was Dynamic Tracking on the Lite+, but some pilots are experiencing issues with it, and so are we.

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Autel wins Best of the Best of Red Dot Design Award for its Lite+ and Nano+ drones

The last year has been pretty good for drone pilots of all levels. Whether you are an entry-level flyer or a professional looking for the best thing money can buy, something new probably came out that popped your attention. Autel‘s entry into the consumer market made maybe one of the more significant impacts on the industry, and for that, they received the “Best of the Best” distinction at this year’s Red Dot Design Awards.

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Autel drops new firmware update for EVO Nano, Lite drones

Autel Robotics has released a new firmware update for its EVO Nano and EVO Lite series drones, and this one includes several new features and improvements. While some new capabilities such as Dynamic Track 2.1, 8-bit Log video, and HDR video are being made available for selected models, others features like SuperDownload would benefit all EVO Lite, Lite+, Nano, and Nano+ series drones.

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Unboxing the Autel Nano+ and Lite+ Premium Bundles and first thoughts

Autel Robotics put its much anticipated Nano and Lite series drones for sale earlier this year. As units are starting to get into the hands of buyers, here’s a look at what the premium bundles of each drone looks like and our initial thoughts.

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