DJI releases video hailing emergency responders ahead of new drone event

DJI drone responders emergency

Drone giant DJI released a short film Saturday, just two days ahead of its March 21 product launch event, whose content seems to support speculation that the craft has been designed with first responders and public service operators in mind.

The 70-second video DJI uploaded repeats the “For Everyday Heroes” theme it used in the March 16 teaser of its new drone unveiling event. The fact that the announcement came from the DJI Enterprise unit seemed to substantiate swirling speculation online among UAV sleuths that leaked photos of the large, spindly-armed, and boxy-bodied craft could be a new M400 RTK or M30. That hypothesizing was further focused by Igor Bogdanov of @Quadro_News tweeting, “It turns out that this is not a replacement for the DJI Matrix 300 (but) will be aimed at public safety.”

The DJI video now leaves little doubt that the new drone is intended for first responders and emergency service users – among others capable of putting it to good use, of course.

Filled with split-screen footage of diverse public service workers and first responders reacting to a variety of emergencies, search and rescue, and natural disaster situations, the DJI video is clear about the “drones for good” theme.

“Never feel like you’re on your own, because no matter what threatens you, there are always people willing to help – people who are determined to face any challenge, and are ready to act at any moment,” the voice-over intones. “We are proud to make the tools these everyday heroes rely on. But we know that, ultimately, our tools rely on the people who know how to use them – people who are ready, now and always, to protect you.”

Not surprisingly, the new product doesn’t make a cameo in DJI’s promo for the launch event. But earlier images shared by reliable leakers like @OsitaLV and @DealDrones reveal a foldable Matrice-esque UAV sporting a three-axis camera and thermal sensor mounted on the front, and dual battery ports on the rear. Rotors on the forward arms of the craft are in the usual, top-anchored position, while those behind face downward. Rumors claim the remote controller sold with the vehicle will also work with Inspire 3 drones.

That and all other details about the new drone will be revealed during the launch event on March 21 at 9 a.m. EDT, which will be accessible on DJI’s site and YouTube channel.

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