Percepto earns first BVLOS waiver in Europe for autonomous drone inspections

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After achieving similar feats in the United States, Australia, and Israel, drone-in-a-box solutions provider Percepto has received its first Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver under the new European drone regulations. This waiver for Percepto drones comes from the Dutch civil aviation authority (ILT), while Germany and Belgium are expected to follow suit.

The approval will enable Percepto’s partner Falcker to conduct BVLOS drone flights with drone-in-a-box system AIM, which was named one of 100 Best Inventions of 2021 by Time magazine. The first industrial inspection missions that would leverage the waiver are planned for later this month at a tank terminal.

The new drone regulations by European Aviation Safety Association (EASA) came into effect in January 2022; they harmonize drone rules throughout the continent, while also providing a framework for companies to perform complex operations. Under these new rules, the approvals granted by one member state can be used in similar conditions throughout all EASA member states. This means Percepto can hope to gain BVLOS waivers throughout Europe in the near future.

Percepto’s AIM comes with a software solution, too. Drones take off autonomously from a docking station and then fly routine inspection missions with imagery processed by Percepto AIM. Drones can also perform flights as needed in the event of disasters, such as a fire or security breach. At the end of each flight, the drone returns to the box to be charged for future deployment.

Percepto CEO Dor Abuhasira is positive that the company’s latest BVLOS achievement will make a big impact on expanding drone inspections in the Netherlands and across Europe. He says:

The Percepto team looks forward to continuing to work with Falcker as it further develops its autonomous drone program to serve its customers with a new level of security and efficiency.

Falcker CIO Duco Boer adds:

After years of consulting with the Dutch civil aviation authority, we are extremely pleased with achieving this designation. We are excited to implement autonomous drone inspection solutions at projects across Europe in the near future.

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