Parrot partners with UAVIA for remote management of ANAFI Ai drone

parrot ANAFI Ai drone uavia

Parrot says its new ANAFI Ai 4G drone will be accessible from the cloud for mission planning, real-time video streaming, and fully remote management of the fleet. This capability is being enabled through the joint efforts of the drone maker and French software company UAVIA.

UAVIA is best known for its Robotics Platform that allows multiple users across the world to collaboratively control autonomous drone fleets while having data processed, analyzed, and shared in real time for a wide range of applications.

A collaboration between the two companies has been made possible through Parrot AirSDK, a software development kit for autonomous drones.

When the integration is made public in June 2022, operators flying an “ANAFI Ai UAVIA Inside” drone will be able to program custom-designed flight missions with access to all aircraft sensors, connectivity interfaces, and autopilot features. These drone flights will then be conducted remotely using 4G connectivity, even as multiple stakeholders participate in the mission in real time using the UAVIA platform’s 4K video and data streaming feature.

Possible applications can include both routine and emergency use cases in complex environments.

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Chris Roberts, Parrot’s chief sales and marketing officer, calls the UAVIA partnership “fully in line” with the vision of developing an open ecosystem around the ANAFI Ai drone. Here’s Roberts:

The UAVIA technology integration with our open software architecture is the perfect example of how a partner can complement and enhance efficiently the ANAFI Ai capabilities to address new market segments and extend professional usage.

Pierre Vilpoux, CEO of UAVIA, adds:

This collaboration is natural as UAVIA and Parrot share a similar vision of the connected drone and the way users expect to interact with them. This convergence was reinforced by the compatibility of the architectures of our respective products, and this full integration takes the autonomous drone to the next level.

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