Video from Ukraine shows night vision drone bombing Russian soldiers

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Ukraine’s 47th Motorized Infantry Battalion has released a video that shows Ukrainian troops using a drone armed with thermal cameras and bombs to hunt down Russian soldiers at night.

The minute-long video was shared on social media by Valerii Markus. One of the most popular military figures in Ukraine, Markus served in the Donbas region from 2014 to 2016 before returning to the front on February 25, 2022. He is also the author of Footprints on the Road, a bestseller in the country. And runs a YouTube channel chronicling everything from his adventures climbing the tops of the mountains in Nepal to footage taken during the Russian-Ukraine war.

The infrared video, which can be distressing to some viewers, shows a group of soldiers desperately trying to hide and take cover in the trenches as they spot the Ukrainian drone hovering above them. The drone scans the area and locks down two locations with maximum “heat signature” before proceeding to drop bombs there. Markus called the video “Salute to Solitude.”

Watch Ukraine using night vision drone to hunt Russian soldiers

Viewer discretion is advised

Using drones with thermal cameras to carry out night operations is not new for Ukraine’s military. Previously, Aerorozvidka, a dedicated drone unit within the Ukrainian army, has admitted to hunting and attacking the Russian forces “as they sleep.” Aerorozvidka has a variety of drones at its disposal – right from cheap off-the-shelf ones to thermal drones and heavy-duty multirotor aircraft that have been customized to drop anti-tank grenades.

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