Russia Stories June 28

A MiG-295 – in pre-boneyard form

History has its rubbish heap, elephants their graveyards, and aircraft have a last resting place known as “boneyards.” In many countries, those final parking spots are located in deserts. Lacking those large, arid expanses, however, most Eastern European nations must dump permanently grounded craft wherever (and as discreetly as) they can. Now a Russian drone pilot has captured astonishing shots of mothballed Soviet era craft – some of which much of the world has never seen before.

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Russia Stories April 17

There are many good reasons why people don’t want to live in the frozen ghost village of Severny, but that just makes the northern Russian community a great destination to visit with a drone.

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Russia Stories February 24

A video released by Russia’s VGTRK news channel has shown off its new Orion drone completing armed combat tests in Syria. The drone has continued to be tested over the last few months as it is prepared for service.

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Russia Stories February 18

Russia is looking to join the United States in paring its fighter jets with armed reconnaissance drones to improve aerial combat. The news was shared by a Russian media outlet earlier this week.

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Russia Stories January 27

A document between Russia and Myanmar has reportedly been signed for Russia to supply Orlan-10E drones, Pantsir-S1 missile systems, and radar stations. The new additions should allow the country to expand its reconnaissance missions and be prepared for enemy aircraft.

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Russia Stories January 22

Is Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny reckless, foolhardy, or courageous? After releasing a slick denunciation featuring drone video of what he says is Russian president Vladimir Putin’s secret palace, he may be a measure of all three.

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