Russia Stories May 28

Russia is working on its latest drone, dubbed the ‘Doomsday Drone’, with an impressive range of 10,000km (~6213 miles). Russia is hoping to get the drone into testing in late June and will be launched from a Russian submarine.

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Russia Stories November 4, 2019

Drone photos of the USSR’s nuclear detection system

Check out these amazing drone photos of the USSR’s nuclear detection system. These aerial photos from Arkadiusz Podniesiński, a Polish photographer and filmmaker, not only look amazing but the story behind the photos is quire cool too.

Russia Stories June 26, 2019

New Russian spy drone resembles an owl

Russia unveils a military surveillance drone that resembles an owl spreading its wings. The Russian spy drone was shown at the Defense Ministry’s annual military expo in Moscow on Tuesday. Footage from the ministry’s news channel shows the fixed-wing drone rolling across a grass area right before take-off.

Kalashnikov introduces the next-gen kamikaze drone

The Kalashnikov Group showed its latest surveillance and attacked unmanned aircraft, or next-gen kamikaze drone, that can autonomously locate and destroy targets in the air, on land, and in the water. This so-called “ZALA Lancet” attack drone does not require any ground or sea-based infrastructure to help it locate and engage its targets. Instead, it relies on his own surveillance, navigation and communication systems. The drone can also carry a 3 kg payload to execute precision strikes within a 4 km radius.

Russia Stories April 5, 2019

We have seen customized drones dropping grenades in the middle east, but this is something entirely different. Check out this Russian shotgun-wielding drone that can shoot other drones, balloons or model airplanes out of the sky. Terrifying? Yes. Impressive? Yes, as well. This is a 50-pound weighing drone that can take-off and land vertically and can shoot other flying objects out of the sky with the help of the Vepr-12 shotgun, that is operated by a second, visor-wearing person who aims the gun through a live video link and sighting system. To top it all off, this heavyweight drone has a flight time of 40 minutes.

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Russia Stories April 12, 2018

According to four U.S. officials, Russia has found a way to jam American unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) over Syria, seriously impacting the drone operations. It started a few weeks ago, after the suspected chemical attacks on civilians in rebel-held eastern Ghouta. First, the Russians began jamming some of the smaller drones as they were seemingly afraid the U.S. military would retaliate over the attacks.

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