You can now use the Parrot ANAFI USA as a tethered drone

Parrot Anafi USA tethered drone

The Parrot ANAFI USA, a Blue sUAS program-approved drone, can now be used for continuous aerial observation as a tethered solution. The NDAA- and TAA-compliant drone gains this capability courtesy of a new partnership that Parrot has forged with fellow French company Arastelle.

Arastelle describes itself as a firm specializing in energy storage, management, and transmission for robotic and aerial applications. Supported by BPI France and the New Aquitaine Region, Arastelle is a part of the European Federation of Security Drones DRONES4SEC, and president of the “Tethered Drones” College.

The company’s tethered station designed for microdrones offers the possibility of converting the 500-gram ANAFI USA for captive flight without any modification or alteration to the drone. The Arastelle station is self-sufficient in energy, allowing rapid deployment of captive microdrones everywhere.

Parrot says this additional capacity will allow operators to use the ANAFI USA drone without limit up to an altitude of 100m, giving them the benefit of continued day and night aerial observation at a lower cost.

Interestingly, at a recently concluded industry trade fair in Paris, Eurosatory 2022, Arastelle presented a concept of a tethered microdrone solution that can be integrated into all types of vehicles, both new and retrofitted. The concept provides land vehicles with an aerial capability for day and night surveillance and observation, allowing them to leverage a vision capability beyond direct sight (BVLOS). This concept, presented with a Parrot ANAFI USA drone, was integrated on a VAB MK3 vehicle from the French group ARQUUS at the event.

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