Complete list of products on DJI’s service and support suspension list

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For the past many years, DJI products have enjoyed widespread adoption among hobbyists, industrial users, research scientists, and others. But the drone industry is a fast-moving sector, and as technology progresses, it becomes necessary to decommission certain hardware and refresh it with new and improved products. If you’re a long-time DJI user, you may benefit from this complete list of old products for which the company either no longer provides service or plans to suspend technical inquiries and support in the coming weeks…

End of service and support for 55 DJI products

Establishing overall product life cycles is a normal practice in tech firms and DJI is no different. The company conducts periodic assessments of its products and accessories to determine their end of production and date of service suspension. As DJI explains:

Because electronic products are affected by technological developments and changes in usage requirements, each generation of products has a fixed life cycle. In order to continuously provide you with premium product and service experiences, DJI regularly optimizes resource allocations to promote the development and application of new products and technologies.

If you are still using any of the below products, we sincerely recommend that you upgrade to an alternative product of a new model so that you can enjoy our more recent, improved technologies, and we can then continue to provide you with efficient customer service.

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As of today, there are 55 products and accessories on DJI’s end of service and support list. These include:

If you own any of the products above, it’s worth remembering that independent service centers may still be capable of carrying out repairs.

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