New to FPV? Check out BETAFPV’s Pavo25 CineWhoop-style drone

betafpv pavo25 cinewhoop fpv drone for beginners

BETAFPV, a leading manufacturer of small but powerful FPV drones, has released a new 2.5-inch Pusher CineWhoop: Pavo25. And it’s got many exciting things that make it beginner-friendly – including the fact that you require only six screws to assemble the whoop duct and the drone.

The Pavo25 is a lightweight CineWhoop that comes in a “pusher” configuration, meaning the motors and flight controller are mounted upside down to push the air down and away. As such, there’s plenty of space on the top of the drone to mount a camera of your choice.

And there are many FPV cameras that this drone supports, including GoPro’s lightest-ever Hero10 Black Bones camera that can capture cinematic 5K 4:3 video at 30fps, 4K 4:3 video at 60fps, and 2.7K 4:3 video at a super-slow 120fps.

Other compatible cameras include the popular SMO 4K by BETAFPV, DJI Action 2 (which is currently available at a 33% discount), and GO 2, the thumb-sized action camera from Insta360.

The BETAFPV Pavo25 whoop drone works well for indoor and outdoor shooting alike. You can use it for cinematic or freestyle action flying using a DIY build or Bind ‘n Fly (BNF) kits such as the DJI FPV remote controller and goggles.

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The aircraft comes in both digital and analog flavors for a high-quality visual experience. The digital version is equipped with Caddx nebula pro nano Vista Kit, while the analog version has Caddx Baby Ratel2+A03 400mw.

BETAFPV said that making Pavo25’s structure simple and easy to install and, at the same time, extremely sturdy and durable was the key criteria given to its engineering team. The same reflects in the drone’s integrated outer ring design, which is composed of a carbon fiber brace and PA12 injection molding material. The new design improves the stability of the flight, dampens noise, and eliminates the dreaded “jelly effect.”

The four corners of the outer ring, meanwhile, are convex and equipped with EVA sponge protection strips, which are far more durable than your regular plastic frame. As highlighted before, you can take down the frame with only six screws.

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In addition to making installation easy, a simple, compact, and optimized structural assembly design also gives the drone excellent resistance capabilities, even in the case of a hard crash.

There are other user-friendly design elements too. The USB port, for instance, is on the top of the frame to make it convenient to configure the quadcopter.

A 4s battery can be placed vertically and against the camera when it is mounted. But if you want to provide more juice to your bird, simply move the battery back and add a second battery strap to balance the gravity center of the quad. Keep in mind that the batteries will need to be purchased separately.

The Pavo25 also features a rear LED mount with colorful, customizable lights that look pretty cool in the dark.

You can find out more details about the drone on BETAFPV’s website.

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