Spright to deploy drone delivery mailboxes made by Israel’s StrixDrones

spright strixdrones drone delivery mailbox

Spright, the drone services division of air medical service provider Air Methods, says it is joining forces with an Israeli drone technology company to include a mailbox component into its drone delivery operations.

Spright is partnering with StrixDrones, which is a specialist in drone docking technology. StrixDrones’ drone delivery mailbox is called DroneDrop. The installment of its first unit in the US was completed recently at Spright’s facility in Oregon.

The Strix DroneDrop enables drones of any kind (drone agnostic), including eVTOL, to deliver and retrieve packages in a secure manner, through stations with sealed compartments. The unit can accommodate multiple packages simultaneously, while also recharging aircraft batteries, downloading flight data, and monitoring local weather conditions.

Spright points out that the drone delivery mailbox can connect and communicate with any drone command-and-control software, and that its modular landing pad has arms and elevators to move the package up or down inside the unit as needed. Users can access the mailbox through a custom mobile app.

Spright’s senior vice president of commercial business Justin Steinke says:

We are excited to further refine the infrastructure of our medically-focused drone delivery network that will revolutionize how medical products, patient specimens, and other vital supplies are moved between healthcare facilities. A more efficient and green transport model will elevate patient care through wider, faster, and more reliable access to vital healthcare resources. The drone delivery mailbox provides customers with an added level of convenience, safety, and project scalability.

Spright explains that it will initially purchase 10 units of the drone delivery mailbox and market them to customers as the Nest. The units will be installed in various locations to facilitate customer missions and support new projects. StrixDrones will manage the installation and technical training.

As Niv Aharoni, cofounder and CEO of StrixDrones, sums up:

I am very pleased with the recent deployment and installation of the first unit, and we stand behind the efficiency and reliability of DroneDrop. I am confident it’s going to revolutionize the commercial drone delivery industry and make drone fleets more cost-effective, productive, and profitable for our clients.

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