XAG makes its P100 agricultural drone available globally

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XAG’s latest-generation agricultural drone, P100, is now available for sales globally. The versatile drone for precision farming can autonomously undertake spraying, fertilizing, and sowing functions for multiple crops.

The XAG P100 agricultural drone is already assisting farmers across China, Vietnam, and Australia to reduce seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers without affecting crop yields. According to drone services company KPT Fly Team, two XAG P100 agricultural drones can finish the fieldwork much faster and with more precision than 20 to 25 laborers who would spray pesticides manually.

XAG is also looking to address the ongoing labor shortage in the agricultural sector with this drone that features several improvements over the previous-generation models.

First, the payload has been increased to 40 kg to enable higher efficiency while serving larger fields. Next, the structure has been kept detachable so it can fully separate from the flying platform to switch between spraying and spreading modules. In addition, the handling weight of the drone has been reduced to make transportation and maintenance much easier for operators.

The XAG P100 agricultural drone features new peristaltic pumps and nozzle shutoff valves with mature rotary atomization technology. This, the company points out, allows high-precision spraying of atomized droplets between the sizes of 60 to 400 microns. Moreover, the flow rate and droplet size can be accurately controlled by the operator, ensuring that the drone is delivering chemicals evenly to better cover the crops while lowering the use of pesticides.

XAG has also redesigned its spreading system, incorporating industry-leading vertical centrifugal spreading discs and a smart screw feeder. As a result, not only can the system adapt easily to various types of fertilizers but it has also become more resistant to winds to avoid seed drifting.

To plan the flight route and self-navigate at high accuracy, the drone has been equipped with an RTK centimeter-level positioning module. Its maximum flight speed is 13.8 m/s, which means one battery pack is enough to spread up to 280 kg of fertilizers.

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