Agriculture Stories August 19

XAG drones will be helping Aussie farmers to reduce chemical and water usage after a tough three farming seasons hit by bushfires, droughts, and COVID. The drones will be used to map hard to reach locations and drop seeds to restore empty fields.

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Agriculture Stories August 5

Drones and wasps are being used in eastern Australia to reduce the amount of chemicals used in farming in order to lessen the damage caused to the Great Barrier Reef. The drones are being used to drop loads of wasps that will then attack the pest insects destroying the crops.

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Agriculture Stories May 27

China’s rural population is diminishing and aging as young people move to the cities for better opportunities. That leaves a potential labor shortage for traditional agriculture such as rice planting. Now drone maker XAG claims it has a solution. expand full story

Agriculture Stories May 26

India‘s agriculture ministry is looking to drone technology to fight against locust swarms that have infested the states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh. India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation has given the go-ahead for the drones to be used in the fight.

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Agriculture Stories April 20

Researchers have succeeded in getting a drone to wake up and even recharge environmental sensors using radio waves during a flyby. This could provide a new way to manage a large number of sensors with ease, especially in an agriculture use case.

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Agriculture Stories January 20

Pyka is taking on the crop-spraying business with its autonomous crop drone, which is capable of spraying 135 acres in an hour. The drone removes the danger for pilots who fly a few meters from the ground and reduces costs.

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