Agriculture Stories July 9

A leading Kenyan non-governmental organization has teamed up with a group that uses drone and robotics for public benefit in a reforestation effort to turn back one region’s steady environmental decline. Their goal: prepare and plant indigenous trees that have vanished across 2,250 acres of decimated countryside.

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Agriculture Stories July 8

A Swiss research group has developed a drone-carried sensor that can detect the water content of terrain below, and are offering it as a cheaper and more accurate measurement supplement to existing technology like satellite imagery. Its creators say the device can optimize a variety of terrain management decisions in a world where drought and fires are becoming a major, recurring problem.

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Agriculture Stories July 6

Drones are increasingly flying faster, farther, and for longer periods of time while performing a broader array of tasks. Now they are poised to take on a tiny problem that often leads to enormous damage: plant-destroying inspects.

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Agriculture Stories June 15

Tech innovator and startup founder Patrick Maletz thinks he has found a way to dramatically extend drone flights. Rather than trying to withstand winds with that craft often battle, his drones use the power of those gusts to stay aloft.

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Agriculture Stories June 14

Hiding fawn found by thermal drone in pre-mowed field

Everyone loves animals – especially the younger critters. But a Belgian nonprofit association may be taking the term “drones for good” to a new level by flying missions to prevent deer fawns from being hacked into bits.

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Agriculture Stories June 11

Drones have earned richly deserved plaudits for accomplishing a wide variety of difficult, even crucial human tasks using their onboard tech. Now they’re winning praise for rendering the champion of utter drudgery obsolete: ridding land of weeds.

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