This custom-modified Ford Ranger is the UK’s most advanced drone support vehicle

drone support vehicle ford ranger

A custom-modified Ford Ranger is now available in the UK as the most advanced vehicle to support public safety drone operations. Among other things, the rugged 4×4 hosts a bespoke ready-to-fly drone mechanism and a built-in DJI drone detection unit.

The dedicated drone support vehicle has been designed, developed, and manufactured by UK-based drone supplier heliguy and emergency vehicle maker Venari. It was recently unveiled at the UK Emergency Services Show in Birmingham.

The highlight of this drone support vehicle is that it is equipped with all the latest technologies that facilitate streamlined and efficient deployment of drones.

For instance, the Ford Ranger’s ready-to-fly drone mechanism allows onboard aircraft, such as the DJI M30 series and M300 RTK, to remain fully assembled and prepped for immediate deployment.

Other technology features include a built-in DJI AeroScope RF drone detection unit, a real-time weather station, a temperature-controlled battery charging area, air suspension, a command and control station, and a 43-inch QLED screen with integrated command unit interface.

Moreover, the modular vehicle is 4G/5G enabled and can be complemented by an additional communications system, such as Satcom. It also comes with an onboard generator.

The interior and exterior lighting, meanwhile, has been configured with a “dark mode” function for night operations, preventing the loss of night-sight adjustment.

Ben Shirley, a training and counter-UAS development manager at heliguy, explains:

The custom-modified Ford Ranger is specifically configured for the most efficient method of deploying drones whilst ensuring safety, and is equipped with systems that assist remote pilots in conducting a variety of UAS operations. Every minute detail has been considered for the unique and varied situations where drones are deployed, including human factors, risk management, and flight procedures.

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