DroneDeploy acquires StructionSite to unify drone and ground reality capture

dronedeploy structionsite

Drone mapping platform DroneDeploy is joining forces with interior reality capture specialist StructionSite to accelerate automation in the construction and energy industries.

The deal, which is expected to close later this month, will unify the two solution providers for aerial and ground capture into one integrated platform that would allow customers to seamlessly deploy drones, ground robots, and handheld 360-degree cameras to document their sites.

DroneDeploy is calling the combined offering the “world’s most complete reality capture platform” since it brings together aerial, ground, interior, and exterior capture into one single platform. The company is hopeful the combination will simplify automation for construction and energy players who use DroneDeploy’s autonomous ground robotics and drone-in-a-box solutions to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and mitigate rising costs.

Mike Winn, CEO and cofounder of DroneDeploy, says:

Companies across industries have been asking for a unified view of their sites: a single platform to document, inspect and measure the exterior and interior of their assets and infrastructure. We’re excited to deliver on this, combining DroneDeploy’s leadership in aerial reality capture with StructionSite’s leadership in ground reality capture to enable full reality capture for 40% of the top 400 general contractors.

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StructionSite wouldn’t be the first acquisition for DroneDeploy, whose platform has been used to map over 300 million acres and 1.7 million sites to date from 7.9 million flights. Last year, DroneDeploy scooped up New Zealand-based robotics software company Rocos, and the company’s photogrammetry engine and flight services offerings also come from previous acquisitions.

Meanwhile, StructionSite has been used to capture over $190 billion of construction volume since its launch in 2016.

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