DroneDeploy Stories July 11, 2018

The use of drones commercially is skyrocketing around the globe with brand new ideas popping up in different countries. Companies like Matternet want to make peer-to-peer drone delivery common and Amazon wants to send your packages autonomously to your house via drones; but in the field of construction, drones are taking over by giving architects and builders crucial real-time data and 3D aerial maps from construction sites that was once expensive and difficult to obtain.

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DroneDeploy Stories July 6, 2018

There are nearly 15 million farmers in India who grow corn, which is considered to be the third most important crop, just behind wheat and rice. When you think of drones being used in agriculture, you probably assume it’s a huge octocopter flying just above the plants spraying either water or pesticides. Instead, companies like Skylark and Syngenta are using drones to collect real-time data about how to increase productivity and identify dying plants.

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DroneDeploy Stories June 27, 2018

Perhaps one of the most often used commercial purposes of a drone is surveying. The low cost and ease of use make it a viable option for any company; not to mention they yield impressive results with high-quality images. DroneDeploy is at the forefront of this industry and they just raised $25 million to better their software.

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