Sony adds new features to Airpeak S1 drone with software update

sony airpeak drone software update

Sony has released new software v1.2.0 for its flagship Airpeak S1 drone and remote controller, as well as a new Airpeak Flight app v1.4.0. In addition to improving the shooting prowess of the drone, the update adds a new compatible zoom lens model and main gimbal control mode.

The $8,999 Airpeak S1 is the world’s smallest drone that can be equipped with a full-size mirrorless interchangeable-lens Sony Alpha camera. Able to resist strong wind speeds of up to 20m/s, the drone’s flying capabilities include a maximum speed of 55mph (90km/h), a maximum angular velocity of 180°/s, and a maximum tilt angle of 55 degrees.

With the new software update, Sony has improved Airpeak S1’s advanced mission flight features to offer support for a wide variety of use cases such as shooting for mapping or modeling. Drone operators also get a new pre-flight check screen display, shutter sound notifications, and zoom lens control. Here’s everything you need to know about the Airpeak S1 drone software v1.2.0:

Improved shooting usability

While shooting still images, drone operators can now confirm images are properly captured with shutter sound notifications and with thumbnails taken while the power is on. Additionally, with the pre-flight check screen display, it is now possible to check the remaining camera media capacity, the configuration of the aircraft, and the state of the remote controller before starting a flight to ensure safety while flying.

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New compatible zoom lens model

E-mount FE PZ 16-35 mm F4 G wide-angle power zoom lens has been added as a compatible model. Preset parameters in the Main tuning of the Gimbal settings are added and the zoom can now be operated from the remote controller.

New main gimbal control mode

Airplane mode is added to the main gimbal control modes. In this mode, the main gimbal follows the tilt of the aircraft, so that dynamic, FPV drone-style footage can be captured.

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Advanced mission flight features in Sony Airpeak S1 drone

Mission Flight has been improved to offer support for a wide variety of use cases including shooting for mapping and modeling.

  • Progress can now be displayed during Mission Flight.
  • Missions can be resumed from a suspended point (e.g., even after stopping to change batteries).
  • Setting added that points the noise of the aircraft in the direction of travel during a mission flight.
  • Setting added that returns the aircraft to its original flight path after a manual operation with the remote controller during a mission flight.
  • Feature added that prevents the aircraft from getting too close to upright structures when shooting them during a mission flight.
  • When the flight path has been changed due to manual operation, the new flight path is now displayed.

Airpeak Base web app improvements

Airpeak Base web app has also been further improved. Maximum horizontal speed can now be set when creating a mission, more parameters are supported when importing KML files, and the logbook display is improved to show more information. The software update:

  • Addresses an issue whereby the frame rate of videos could drop when transferred due to signal interference.
  • Improves the FPV gimbal angle display in Follow mode.
  • Improves geomagnetic anomaly notifications before and during flights.
  • When camera directions and shooting is set to Manual, auto shooting will not occur.

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