Poorbbbbbr DJjjjjjii frozen Miniiiiii ddrrrrroooone!

DJI drone

Snowbirds, passionate lovers of warmer climes, and obsessively protective owners of expensive tech rejoice. A Reddit contributor to r/drones has just offered compelling evidence of why it’s ever so wise to stay way out of the cold – this time in the form of a DJI drone-cicle.

Without dragging out this item any longer than necessary, a subreddit post from u/PreparationMedical78 appealed for advice from expert drone users for the best way of defrosting what looks to be a DJI Mini 2 (but who can tell which model it is under so much bristling hairy ice?) under the title “Sooo… my friend forgot his drone outside…” 

Said chum obviously lives some place where Yetis thrive, and is either woefully forgetful, a lousy guardian of belongings, or a secret sadist devising new punishment for sensitive hi-tech arial gear.

Behold what represents the opposite of the cut-to-black version of The Sopranos finale:

As one might expect on a forum populated with drone fanatics, even the most supportive replies-cum-suggestions for bringing the DJI drone out of its cryogenic state were tinged with just a dash of sarcasm.

“Put it in rice,” suggested (not really) Ironchar.

“Maybe put it in the fridge to decelerate the transition?” offered, a tad more helpfully (and possibly sincerely), EarthboundMisfitsInc. “And maybe upside down so you don’t get moisture into the rotors?”

“Just put it in a microwave,” urged stepnop, clearly seeking to top the degree of material vandalism the frozen DJI drone owner had achieved.

“Your friend doesn’t deserve a drone,” echoed (not illogically) fidgeter.

Yet out of the glacial climes of the ever-snarky Reddit tundra came at least one voice of pragmatic support.

“Take the battery out and put it in a well ventilated place with low heat to evaporate the moisture,” counseled KibblesNBitxhes. “Leave it there for about 2 days to ensure absolutely every water molecules (sic) ridden from anywhere that It could hide before putting a battery back in it. Then your friend will have to check for corrosion on anything metal for a couple weeks after.’

DroneDJ humbly offers an extra word of advice to the supplicant: Tell your bud not to leave extremely cool DJI, or any other hi-tech drones outside in freezing weather if s/he doesn’t want to sit Shiva over a very expensive UAV without any sympathy from anyone looking on. Cold, but true.

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