Lumenier unveils ARORA light show drone with 25-minute flight time

lumenier arora light show drone

Drone components manufacturer Lumenier says it’s ready to release the “most illuminated drone” the light show market has ever seen. The new ARORA drone from the company comes with highly-impressive endurance and 12 super-bright LEDs, which we are told, are six times brighter than what competitors offer.

Lumenier’s new offering has been developed in partnership with Latvia-based drone solutions company SPH Engineering, which specializes in creating the software required to conduct drone light shows. The drone’s name, ARORA, is a play on auroras, the natural light shows that the Earth puts up for us above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Lumenier is recognized as a premier brand in the FPV drone industry courtesy of its motors, frames, antennas, and other OEM solutions. But this is the first time the company is expanding its footprint with a new commercial light show drone.

Manufactured at Lumenier’s facility in Sarasota, Florida, the ARORA drone weighs 900 gm and can stay airborne for up to 25 minutes. It sports a space-saving stackable design for easy transportation and comes in a weather-resistant casing while featuring best-in-class GPS for tighter formations.

Lumenier explains that the ARORA light show drone utilizes true white LEDs as well as vibrant RGB LEDs to provide a more extensive range of colors in the sky. Its integrated remote power on/off switch allows for hands-off startup and shutdown execution, giving drone operators freedom from scrambling to plug in batteries!

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A press release from Lumenier and SPH Engineering adds:

Throughout January and February of 2023, two professional teams of engineers, pilots, and creatives from Riga (Latvia) and Sarasota (USA) gathered in Florida to conduct the ultimate tests. Large fleets of their new light show drones rose to the sky, illuminating the horizon with hundreds of drones that formed special effect designs with vibrant colors that could be seen for miles.

The new Lumenier ARORA light show drones are equipped with unparalleled drone show software technology designed by SPH Engineering. The highlights of the show were the record-breaking show time and the light strobing effect, which left spectators in awe over such breathtaking special effects.

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