A great alternative to fireworks, drone light shows turn it up a notch with 100s and even 1000s of light-equipped drones flying around the sky in formation, creating shapes, objects, words, and anything else you could think of.

Drone light show Stories February 19

Drones took to the sky earlier this month to aid a marriage proposal over in Shanghai, China. A jewelry brand created the show intending to wish couples the best. As drone shows continue to gain popularity, something like this no longer seems out of the ordinary.

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Drone light show Stories February 11

A recent drone show depicting the life of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh has broken a world record for the longest drone show, lasting for over 26 minutes. The 600-strong drone show was done by China’s EFYI Group, with Tianjin University’s help.

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Drone light show Stories January 25

On New Year’s Eve, London introduced drones to its fireworks display for the first time. We watched it and loved it so much that we shared it with all of you. We have put together a short exclusive piece on the show’s inner workings with the help of the company behind the drones, SKYMAGIC.

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Drone light show Stories January 12

During the recent celebration of the Chinese People’s Police Day, drones were used to both promote China’s emergency number and thank its police force. The day saw more than 1,000 drones hit the sky, creating some impressive aerial visuals.

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Drone light show Stories January 8

Drone photography can always be fun to look at because of the unique perspective it offers. But what if the drone could be used as a paintbrush to make light paintings instead of capturing the image?

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Drone light show Stories January 6

Automotive giant Hyundai lit up the sky in Seoul with an impressive drone light show to countdown the world into the new year. The drone show was also part of the BigHit New Year’s Eve live concert, with Hyundai being a major sponsor for the K-pop groups under the label.

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