Drone light show Stories October 14

eHang, Verity Studios, and Intel are three well-known companies that have used unmanned aircraft to create stunning drone light shows, but they are not the only players in this market. Check out the company Firefly from Detroit that creates the most stunning drone light shows. The shows are highly choreographed, are 100% customizable, and are totally worth watching.

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Drone light show Stories February 4

First-ever live drone light show during Super Bowl LIII

One of the highlights of yesterday’s Super Bowl LIII, at least for drone enthusiasts, was the first-ever live drone light show during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. During the “She Will Be Loved” song from Maroon 5, 150 enhanced Intel Shooting Star drones floated up and over the field in a choreographed performance to the music to form the words “ONE” and “LOVE.” The drones were modified to look like floating lanterns.

You can see more details of the Intel Shooting Star drones in the images below. There’s also a video embedded, in case you missed the halftime event entirely.

DJI Mavic Pro

Drone light show Stories December 19, 2018

Drone light shows are becoming more popular around the world and are often used to replace the traditional fireworks shows. The most recent drone show lit up the sky during the Qatar National Day 2018.

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Drone light show Stories November 20, 2018

The Christmas Spectacular show with the Rockettes at the Radio City Music Hall in New York is one of those must-see shows during the Holiday season. The show has become an annual tradition for a lot of people and over the many decades of the show’s existence little has changed. For instance, the oldest and perhaps most famous aspect of the show, ‘The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers‘ has been a staple since 1933. For this year, however, the organization behind the Christmas Spectacular show has decided to change things up a little by adding Intel Shooting Star Mini drones to the mix and creating an entire new finale, called ‘Christmas Lights’. See the video below.

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Drone light show Stories September 14, 2018

Studio Drift showed off their mesmerizing Franchise Freedom drone light show on Tuesday night during Burning Man 2018. You may have heard of Studio Drift before as they performed another drone show in Miami earlier this year in partnership with BMW. For that show as well as the on during Burning Man, 300 of Intel® Shooting Star™ drones were used.

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Drone light show Stories August 16, 2018

Drones are becoming more popular to bring a new dimension to events. We have seen them being used during large outdoor events, concerts, fashion shows, during a performance of Cirque du Soleil and now also during Drake’s 2018 Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour. The Lucie micro-drones from Swiss company Verity Studios dance with Canadian rapper Drake during the songs Elevate and Look Alive. Elevate, a song on Drake’s new album Scorpion opens with the little drones flying around Drake to create a cloud of lights. During the song Look Alive the drones form a red 3D cross that rotates around the Canadian artist.

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