Drone light show Stories March 23

A lot has been going on recently with the coronavirus and the quarantines around the world. We conducted some shoots to raise awareness about the coronavirus and quarantines, illuminating a single subject with a LumeCube at night.

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Drone light show Stories March 18

[Ed. Note: Yes we are aware that the tour will likely/hopefully be cancelled because of the Coronavirus, but after the pandemic ends…]

Yves Aucoin, Celine Dion’s production designer, uses Verity’s micro-drone technology to amaze the public on Celine’s Courage world tour. Verity’s drones are small, very lightweight, and can change colors instantly. These small unmanned aircraft have been used by some of the biggest entertainment names such as Canadian rapper Drake, rock bands like Metallica, and Cirque du Soleil.

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Drone light show Stories January 6

While many countries celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks, a few are changing it up with drone light shows. Chinese broadcast company CCTV shared a video of what looked like drones on New Year’s Eve, displaying cool graphics and welcoming everyone into 2020. But there was a catch.

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Drone light show Stories November 20, 2019

We have seen a number of amazing drone light shows here in the US over the last couple of years. Mostly from companies like Intel and Verity Studios. But more recently it seems that the most advanced and animated drone light shows are happening in China. I came across this video earlier today and then I started searching some more and I was positively surprised with what I found. Check out some of these recent videos that show you what can be done with coordinated drone light shows. The figures and animations that are created in the night skies are simply amazing. Who needs fireworks anymore?

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Drone light show Stories October 14, 2019

eHang, Verity Studios, and Intel are three well-known companies that have used unmanned aircraft to create stunning drone light shows, but they are not the only players in this market. Check out the company Firefly from Detroit that creates the most stunning drone light shows. The shows are highly choreographed, are 100% customizable, and are totally worth watching.

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Drone light show Stories February 4, 2019

First-ever live drone light show during Super Bowl LIII

One of the highlights of yesterday’s Super Bowl LIII, at least for drone enthusiasts, was the first-ever live drone light show during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. During the “She Will Be Loved” song from Maroon 5, 150 enhanced Intel Shooting Star drones floated up and over the field in a choreographed performance to the music to form the words “ONE” and “LOVE.” The drones were modified to look like floating lanterns.

You can see more details of the Intel Shooting Star drones in the images below. There’s also a video embedded, in case you missed the halftime event entirely.

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