A great alternative to fireworks, drone light shows turn it up a notch with 100s and even 1000s of light-equipped drones flying around the sky in formation, creating shapes, objects, words, and anything else you could think of.

Drone light show Stories July 23

It’s on. After a year-long delay, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have finally begun, albeit in the shadow of COVID-19. The opening ceremony today at the $1.5 billion Olympic Stadium was an extravaganza that was both celebratory and subdued. But our favorite part came right toward the end when more than 1,800 drones took to the skies to form a globe over the stadium as artists from five continents sang Imagine.

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Drone light show Stories July 17

A major drone light show in China ended with some of the drones descending into the audience. The descents appeared controlled, but we can’t imagine why they would be intentional.

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Drone light show Stories July 2

The Communist Party of China (CPC), which has ruled China continuously since 1949, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. And to commemorate the occasion, 5,200 drones lit up the night sky in Longgang, Shenzhen, last week. The massive drone light show, which should be going down in Guinness World Records, showcased some of the most pivotal chapters from the party’s history.

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Drone light show Stories July 1

Drone light shows are a lot more environmentally friendly than fireworks. In an ideal world, we would see drone shows replace fireworks completely. For now, though, there are quite a few cities, big and small, that are planning to light up their skies with drones and fireworks alike this Fourth of July. Here are six where you can catch a drone light show on Sunday…    

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Drone light show Stories June 24

You’ve seen drone light shows before. And some of them are truly impressive, with massive numbers of drones morphing into 3D shapes in the sky. Amazing. But now there’s a new type of drone vying to create spectacles in the night sky.

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Drone light show Stories June 23

We’ve seen tons of drone light shows over time. But we have never – ever – seen something like this: A failure that sent multiple drones plunging out of the sky, with spectators on boats below.

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