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George Ivanoff

Georgie Ivanoff does video reviews for 9to5Mac.  Filmmaker, Brooklyn NY. Camera enthusiastic and technologically curious.

Hands-on: DJI Mavic 3 CINE – First footage and review [VIDEO]

DJI has released the third iteration of the Mavic line – the Mavic 3. I was lucky enough to take the high-end (high price!) Cine version for a few flights. So, what’s new this year – specs!? Watch our hands-on video as we take DJI’s feature-packed new drone for a spin…

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Hands-on: PolarPro Variable ND – the best filter for the everyday drone pilot [Video]

An ND filter should be in every camera operator’s bag, but when it comes to drones, swapping out filters is a hassle. Enter the PolarPro Cinema Series Variable ND.

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